What is Wally Lewis eye condition?

What is Wally Lewis eye condition?

Lewis’s eventual eye examination revealed him to have an eye condition called corneal erosion as well as dry eye.

Is Wally Lewis epileptic?

While reading the nightly news in 2006 Wally had a seizure on air causing his epilepsy to suddenly be in the spotlight. The intense public interest meant that many thousands of people learnt about epilepsy. Wally had successful surgery in 2007 and, ever since, has been a tireless advocate for people with epilepsy.

How tall was Wally Lewis?

1.82 m
Wally Lewis/Height

How many NRL games did Wally Lewis play?

He played 31 Origin games (30 as captain) and a record 8 Man of the Match awards over a 12-year period. The name Wally Lewis is synonymous with State of Origin and Queensland Rugby League and continues to be an inspiration to future generations of footballers.

When was Wally Lewis diagnosed with epilepsy?

He suffered his first seizure when he was 19, was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 26 and then kept it hidden for more than 20 years.

Who is Wally Lewis married to?

Jacqueline Lewism. 1982
Wally Lewis/Spouse

“Wally and Jacqui Lewis separated last year after 36 years of marriage,” a statement released by Channel Nine read. “It has been a difficult time for everyone in the family and they are still working through the details of the separation.”

What made Wally Lewis so good?

Wally Lewis came to embody State of Origin football. A young lock forward in the inaugural Origin game in 1980, he made 30 appearances as five-eighth and captain between 1981 and 1991, winning eight man-of-the match awards. Lewis was tough, brave and passionate, with a magnificent kicking game and a brilliant pass.

Who has won the most Wally Lewis medals?

He played 31 Origin games (30 as captain) wins and a record 8 Man of the Match awards over a 12 year period….WALLY LEWIS MEDAL

  • 2017 – Dane Gagai (QLD)
  • 2018 – Billy Slater (QLD)
  • 2019 – James Tedesco (NSW)
  • 2020 – Cameron Munster (QLD)
  • 2021 – Jake Trbojevic (NSW)

Why is Wally Lewis the king?

Nicknamed The King and also The Emperor of Lang Park, Lewis represented Queensland in thirty-one State of Origin games from 1980 to 1991, and was captain for thirty of them. He captained at State of Origin level 30 times, winning a record 8 man of the match awards.

Who is Wally Lewis now dating?

writer Lynda Adams
Rugby league legend Wally Lewis has moved on to a new relationship with volunteer worker and writer Lynda Adams after separating with his wife of 36 years Jacqui. The Courier Mail reports the 61-year-old Queensland Origin great is now dating Adams after she split with prominent Townsville businessman Mark Adams.

Is Wally Lewis sick?

Dr John Hogden from the Eye Health Centre diagnosed Lewis with a debilitating eye condition called corneal erosion as well as dry eye. “Corneal erosions are very painful and they can proceed to more sight problems if they’re not treated adequately.”

Was Wally Lewis really good?

Lewis dominated Brisbane club football in the ’80s, with Valleys and then Wynnum-Manly. He was a good but rarely great player with the Brisbane Broncos and Gold Coast Seagulls, but his legendary status was already sealed. Lewis first captained Australia in 1984 for the domestic Ashes series against Great Britain.

When did Wally Lewis find out he had epilepsy?

This open, gentle, engaging man is not the Wally team mates, journalists and even fans remember. It is a Wally his family knew then lost in 1985 when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. A Wally he kept hidden from teammates, media and the public for 21 years as he lived life in fear of being outed as an epileptic.

How old was Wally Lewis when he played rugby league?

Wally Lewis. Walter James Lewis AM (born 1 December 1959) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and coached in the 1980s and 1990s. He became a commentator for television coverage of the sport.

Who are the Mothers of Wally Lewis children?

1 Wally and Jacqueline Lewis were married for 36 years and have three children 2 Jacqui stood by him after his 2007 brain surgery to treat his epilepsy condition 3 Lewis has separated with wife and is dating Lynda Adams, from Townsville 4 Ms Adams is a mother and passionate volunteer for a miscarriage support group

How did family tragedy help Wally lewis’estranged wife to?

The tragic death of one of her own family members helped Jacqui Lewis support husband Wally when he fell into depression after an operation for epilepsy. The former wife of the man known as ‘King Wally’ also considered selling the family home and getting a job when she feared he would not be able to return to work after the debilitating illness.

Why did Wally Lewis have to have brain surgery?

Jacqui had long been considered Lewis’ selfless ‘rock’ after he fell into depression after brain surgery in 2007. She revealed she told Wally at the time: ”Why wouldn’t you tell me you were in so much pain?” ‘But he wanted to get over it himself. Depression is a very hard thing. Wally didn’t understand it.’

When did Wally Lewis split with his wife?

Lewis, 61, rocked the sporting world on Monday night when he confirmed his separation from his wife and the mother of his three children. He released a statement revealing he quietly split with wife of 36 years Jacqui last year and it later emerged he was in a new relationship with Ms Adams – a Townsville local.

When did Wally Lewis become a legend in Australia?

In October 2016, he became the 38th Legend of Australian Sport at the Sport Australia Hall of Fame awards. In 2009 as part of the Q150 celebrations, Wally Lewis was announced as one of the Q150 Icons of Queensland for his role as a “sports legend”. In 2011, Lewis was a recipient of the Queensland Greats Awards.