What’s new in Seiko Astron

What’s new in Seiko Astron

Seiko Astron is Solar GPS and dual time watch. The new version of Seiko Astron recently launched. Seiko Astron is the world smallest and thinnest GPS watch until now.

What’s New in Seiko Astron:

Recently Seiko announces this smallest and thinnest GPS solar watch, with completely new 5X movement.  Seiko Astron is one of the best seiko gps watch that receives the radio signals from atomic clocks. It’s a bit different from other GPS solar watches. Other GPS solar watches receives atomic signals only in the range of their antenna, or can say that they work only in the US, China, and etc. but this Seiko Astron watch works everywhere. It will give you global coverage. it will automatically detect your location and set its time zone according to that, you even don’t need to touch the watches, it will do everything by itself.

When you unbox your new Seiko Astron watch, maybe you have to charge it for the first time. This watch works on the light or solar system. You can charge it even on room electric light, but best and efficient way to charge your Seiko Astron watch is sunlight. There is a separate small display for charging status, which has two option E and F, E indicates charging status empty, while the F status indicated Full status.

There are two types of modes in Seiko Astron, one is sleep mode and other is the active mode or wake up mode. In the sleep mode, Seiko Astron does not display the time until and unless it wakes up from sleep mode. It takes only six minutes to fully charge Astron in sunlight, once it fully charged you can use it for complete one day without charging again.

One negative point of this watch is that the GPS receiver of this watch will not work if the power or charging of the watch is low, so it’s important to regularly charge the Seiko Astron. The GPS of Seiko Astron have two types of basic functions in Seiko Astron. The main function is it automatically detect single satellite and match time zone with that local satellite and shows accurate time to the user.

The second important function is it can be manually triggered to change the time zone, but in manual mode, it needs at least four satellites to set the time zone.

The Seiko Astron try at least one time in a day to set time zone automatically. This happened in any kind of strong source of light, it can be sunlight or any other electric light source. Once it finds a source, it acquires a signal at least once a day. But if the Seiko Astron watch is covered with any kind of material and blocked for light, then it searches for the signal at the same time when it receives the last time signal.

Manual GPS syncing can be done by using a simple button push. Syncing on a daily basis keep the Seiko Astron time up to date. Changing the time zone manually can be a bit complicated. This process can be started by pushing the button and holding it for six seconds. Once you release the button Seiko Astron start searching for GPS signal. In this process, the second’s hands provide the signals status updates.

On each signal, the hands point to the dialer, for example when Astron receive the first signal it points to 1 on the dialer and when it receives the second signal it points to 2 on the dialer, and similarly, when it receives the third signal it will be pointing to 3 on the watch dialer. If the search will be successful then the small indicator in between 10 and 11 points to 4+. Otherwise, it will search again for the signals.

You can also adjust the Seiko Aston to daylight saving time. This is another awesome function provided by Seiko Astron. Seiko Astron only can receive the satellite signals when it can see the sky. And if you want to change the time zone manually it’s a bit difficult because of the tall building and trees etc. If you did with this it will take sixty seconds to two minutes to change the time zone.

This is a bit large amount of dealy but if you see watch screen it will fun for you. Astron is basically wrist-mounted satellite detector but the GPS satellite is not geosynchronous, they are actually revolving around the sky, so you can not exactly detect the location of them, that’s the main reason of bit large dealy.

Seiko Astron offers multiple color range for the customers. You can choose your favorite one. The Seiko Astron Strap is composed of Silicon, which gives you a silky and smooth feel. The folding of the strap is quite easy to close and open for everyone.it nicely covered like a case hugs the wrist.

The Astron dial layout is quite standard, but multi-function indicator located in between 9 to 11 makes it completely new thing from others. The single small hands on the dialer indicate the charging status of the Seiko Astron, and it also tells the mode of the watch, whether its on airplane mode or on normal mode.you can this in small hands silver screen. It also has two other buttons.

These buttons can be used to control the time manually, for example, you are in the plane, and don’t want to adjust time according to satellite time zone, you can stop GPS, and can set the time manually with the help of these two buttons. But when the GPS is on these two buttons acts differently.

In the end, now let me tell you the price of the multifunction beast, it’s the price is $2,300.

Final words:

 That’s all about Seiko Astron Watch and all the new technology and functions in new Seiko Astron watch. If you guys still have any question regarding this watch you can ask in the comments box.