What is the exact value of sin 15?

What is the exact value of sin 15?

Value of Sin 15 degree = (√3 – 1) / 2√2.

What is the correct way to apply the half angle identity to find tan 15 ∘?

Since we are looking for tan15∘ , θ=30∘ . Since tangent is positive in quadrant 1 , tan15∘=2−√3 .

What is the exact value of sin 75?

Hence the value of Sin 75 degree is equal to (√3 + 1) / 2√2.

How do you find the value of cos 15?

Answer: The value of cos 15° = (√3+1)/2√2.

How do you find the value of tan 15 2?

value of tan(15/2)° is √6 – √3 + √2 – 2.

What is the formula of Cos 15 degree?

How much radiation can a child get from a CT scan?

Put another way, experts estimate that 10,000 CT scans would lead to one additional case of cancer. Kids are smaller than adults, so they get a higher dose of radiation unless the scanning machine is adjusted for them. It’s not uncommon for a child to get an adult-sized dose of radiation, especially if they’re scanned at a general hospital.

When to take a child to the ER for a CT scan?

They just need to be watched in a safe setting. One study showed that kids who went to an ER after suffering a minor head injury were less likely to get a CT scan if they were simply observed in the ER for 4-6 hours — and that observation period didn’t compromise their safety. What Are the Risks?

Can a child be exposed to too much radiation?

“No patients should be exposed to more radiation than they need at any age,” says pediatric radiologist Marta Hernanz-Schulman, MD, chair of the American College of Radiology’s Pediatric Imaging Commission. No doubt: X-rays and scans can be helpful, even life-saving. But sometimes, they’re not necessary.

Where does 90% of child imaging take place?

General hospitals, where 90% of child imaging occurs, don’t always change the settings on their scanners. Children’s hospitals, on the other hand, routinely adjust their machines to compensate for a child’s size. The FDA has urged makers of medical scanning equipment to make new devices that would minimize the radiation dose delivered to children.

Can a 4 year old get an X-ray?

X-rays are not something that any of my older children got when they were so young. But my youngest daughter is now 4 years old. Over the past 2 dental checkups, she has had 4 cavities. On her last appointment, our pediatric dentist took x-rays.

How old does a child have to be to get a bone Xray?

Normal pediatric bone xray. This is a repository of radiograph examples (X-rays) of the pediatric (children) skeleton by age, from birth to 15 years. Ages are approximate (generally, at most +/- 1-2 months, but mostly within + / – 15 days – unless stated otherwise).

How often should a child get a bitewing X-ray?

Bitewing x-rays are recommended every six to 18 months for a child at risk of tooth decay and every 12 to 36 months for a child at low risk. Dental x-rays of children should only be taken when necessary.

Why are children not given an X-ray?

X-rays are not given as a routine, but only when necessary. Patients are protected with a thyroid shield and an apron to minimize exposure. Exposure parameters are set as slow as possible. X-ray exposure time is shortened because children have smaller teeth than adults.