What are the top 10 causes of mortality in the Philippines?

What are the top 10 causes of mortality in the Philippines?

The leading causes of death are diseases of the heart, diseases of the vascular system, pneumonias, malignant neoplasms/cancers, all forms of tuberculosis, accidents, COPD and allied conditions, diabetes mellitus, nephritis/nephritic syndrome and other diseases of respiratory system.

What was the death rate in 2007?

The number of deaths in the United States for 2007 was 2,423,995 (preliminary data). The age-adjusted death rate reached a record low of 760.3 per 100,000 population in 2007. From 2000–2007, age-adjusted death rates decreased by 14.0 percent for males and by 12.0 percent for females (Figure 1).

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Where are the most deaths in the Philippines?

(Figure 1 and Table 1). The top three regions in terms of number of deaths by usual residence were found in Luzon: CALABARZON with 84,971 or 14.7 percent, followed by NCR with 75,187 or 13.0 percent then Central Luzon with 67,980 or 11.7 percent. The combined share of these three regions was 39.4 percent of the total deaths.

What’s the percentage of infant deaths in the Philippines?

Infant deaths are deaths that occurred before reaching age 1. At the national level, 20,311 infant deaths were registered in 2017. Six out of ten deaths were males (11,760 or 57.9%). The top three regions that registered high infant deaths were CALABARZON with 3,546 (17.5%), NCR with 3,357 (16.5%) and Central Luzon with 2,314 (11.4%).

What was percentage of deaths due to neoplasms in Philippines?

Neoplasms and cerebrovascular diseases both showed a decrease of -9.3 percent and -6.0 percent, respectively, from the previous year. Deaths due to diabetes mellitus (37.3 thousand or 6.5% share), which ranked fourth in 2020, had an annual increase of 7.8 percent.

What was the infant mortality rate in 2013?

In 2013, although the infant mortality rate slightly increased, the number of registered infant deaths slightly decreased by more than one percent, from last year’s 22,254 cases to 21,992 cases. It comprised of 4.1 percent of the total deaths (531,280) reported during the year.