Steps To write An Essay For Beginners

Steps To write An Essay For Beginners

I have seen a lot of people who give up their dreams because they don’t know how to write an essay. Really?.Yeah! Its true.The reason why they do it. They find writing very difficult to master. There a perception that writing is some god-gifted kind of this. But this not true.

Best essay writing is an art. And art is learned and mastered with patience and practice. People feel extremely depressed when they have to write an essay on a particular topic by the teachers. I have gathered some cool essay writing tips for you to master this art.

Follow these step by step tips and enjoy!

1. Analyze the topic of the essay

One of the very step to write an essay to analyze. You have to comprehend the questions. Observe what has been asked in the topic. Is the topic general or persuasive? What is the purpose? You can make it very easy for yourself by observing the topic.

I have seen a lot of students who start writing the moment they look at the topic of the essay. Take a deep breath, think and contemplate the topic. And then pick your pen and start writing. That’s all!

2. Create a thesis statement an outline

Creating a thesis statement plays a vital role in the building of your essay. Create simple statements in your mind. Like what are you going to argue in the essay or what are you telling your readers etc. It will make your essay look more vivid and will bring more clarity to the topic. Make thesis statements and go for writing.

After having the thesis statements in mind. Make a rough outline of your essay. The draft will decide the flow of your essay. The outline makes it very easy to write the idea and then the main body of the essay.

3.Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence

Every step is crucial, but this may have a remarkable effect on the reader. All you have to do is always to start your paragraph with a sentence.

People normally don’t pay attention to the topic sentence, thus making all the paragraphs look clumsy and lousy. Writing with a topic sentence will bring more delicacy and professionalism in your essay.

4. Use credible sources

Quotes and quotation are essential in arguing. So make sure that you are quoting from credible sources. Your essay can be canceled if you use sources that are not credible. Unacceptable sources include magazine articles, open forum submissions, encyclopedia entries, and unverified online sources.

5. Conclude your essay

After applying the above steps, now bring your essay to a conclusion. The conclusion should be effective and positive. Read the whole essay and then put your conclusion at the end of the list.


Proofread could be very helpful in producing a fantastic essay. Many people write an article and follow all the steps I discussed above, but they forget to proofread their essay. And that is where they are mistaken.

Make sure there is no grammatical mistake. Take a print copy of your essay and read it. If you mind anything that needs to be corrected, correct it. You can also send it to your friends or relatives to give you suggestions.