Should I be concerned if my legs feel heavy?

Should I be concerned if my legs feel heavy?

Occasionally feeling that the legs are too heavy is normal and not cause for concern. However, if the feeling does not go away or occurs alongside other symptoms like pain and swelling, it may be time to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

What causes numbness and numbness in the legs?

While that pain can affect the lower back, it also can occur in the legs, causing weakness, numbness, and heaviness. Some risk factors include: smoking (compounds in cigarettes can restrict blood vessels)

What causes tingling and burning in the legs?

It’s often associated with: Symptoms of MS include sensory disturbances that can lead to burning pain as well as numbness and tingling in the legs. These symptoms are often the result of faulty nerve signals due to MS lesions in the spinal cord and brain. Treatment of burning legs depends on the underlying cause.

What are the symptoms of weakness in both legs?

Weakness of both legs may also be associated with the following symptoms: Paralysis: This means the inability to move the legs. Tingling of the legs Numbness in your legs

How to tell if your leg is numb from paresthesia?

If paresthesia is the reason for your leg numbness, you may also notice: 1 Burning 2 Tingling 3 A feeling that your skin is “crawling”

What you should know if you have leg weakness?

Leg weakness can resemble or be a symptom of many different disorders, including stroke and multiple sclerosis. An early indicator of weakness in the legs is a tingling or numbing sensation. Numbness is a loss of feeling in the legs that may make it difficult to walk.

What causes numbness and weakness in leg?

Leg numbness can be caused by damage to the nerves or muscles, or problems in the spine. Numbness in the legs can occur with other symptoms such as pain, burning, weakness, tingling, and/or prickling sensations.

What causes the feeling of heaviness in the legs?

Heavy legs can be a sign of a number of conditions or disorders in the body. When legs feel weighed down or aching, it may be due to an underlying condition, such as varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that look more apparent, larger, and knotty than surrounding veins.

What causes weakness and imbalance in the legs?

  • Strenuous physical activity. When you push your legs beyond the regular degree of exercise that they are accustomed to or engage in a physically exacting task for an extended
  • and rejuvenated during sleep.
  • Fatigue.