Is it a cavity or a sensitive teeth?

Is it a cavity or a sensitive teeth?

Although a cavity can lead to tooth sensitivity, their causes and treatments are different. Use this chart to learn about the differences—and remember to see your dentist for an official diagnosis. What’s That Pain?

What are the symptoms of a sensitive tooth?

These symptoms may include: spontaneous tooth pain that occurs without an obvious cause. tooth sensitivity localized to one tooth. sharper pain instead of milder pain. staining on the surface of your teeth.

When do you know you have a cavity?

Tooth Sensitivity If you experience sharp pains when eating or drinking foods and liquids with extreme temperatures, for example, it could mean you have a cavity. But it may also be a sign that you have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the inner layer of your tooth, known as dentin, becomes exposed.

What causes a toothache when there is no cavity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the inner layer of your tooth, known as dentin, becomes exposed. This type of toothache occurs even when there’s no cavity to find. Dentin usually becomes exposed when there’s a wearing away of enamel or gum recession. These things can occur because of overbrushing, trauma, or another reason.

What is the best home remedy for sensitive teeth?

Salt Water. Another simple home remedy for sensitive teeth is salt water, which is usually used to treat toothache. In order to reduce inflammation and swelling caused by sensitive teeth as well as fight infection and bacteria in your mouth, you just need to add some salt into a cup of hot water and rinse your mouth daily.

Why does my tooth hurt no cavity?

There are other causes for a toothache, especially when no cavity/decay is present. The main culprit which comes to mind is a cracked tooth.

Is having sensitive teeth a serious problem?

Having sensitive teeth can mean anything from getting a mild twinge to having severe discomfort that can continue for several hours. It can also be an early warning sign of more serious dental problems .

What causes sensitive tooth?

Causes of Sensitive Teeth. Sensitive teeth can be caused by the following dental issues: Worn tooth enamel from using a hard toothbrush and using a hard grip while brushing aggressively. Tooth erosion due to highly acidic foods and beverages. Tooth decay, worn leaky fillings and broken teeth that expose the dentin of your tooth.