How does a person with epilepsy feel?

How does a person with epilepsy feel?

Some people have nausea or unusual feelings that are difficult to describe. These seizures may also result in difficulty speaking, involuntary jerking of a body part, such as an arm or a leg, and spontaneous sensory symptoms such as tingling, dizziness and seeing flashing lights.

What are the signs and symptoms of epilepsy?

Seizures are usually… 1 Unpredictable – you often can’t predict when and where a seizure may happen 2 Episodic – seizures can come and go 3 Brief – usually last only seconds to a few minutes 4 Stereotypic – symptoms are similar whenever they occur

How can you tell if someone is going to have a seizure?

Some people with epilepsy experience unusual feelings that warn the person that a seizure is about to happen. These sensations are known as auras and are actually a type of localized seizure themselves.

How long do seizures last in people with epilepsy?

In people with epilepsy, these seizures often cause body parts on both sides of the body to move at the same time. These seizures usually last only a couple seconds and don’t cause a loss of consciousness. Myoclonic seizures may be part of several different epilepsy syndromes, including:

Why are auras an early warning sign of epilepsy?

In people with focal epilepsy, auras may be an early warning sign because they often occur less than two minutes before seizures that cause loss of consciousness. Sometimes, auras occur without any other seizure symptoms.

What to do if someone has epilepsy?

Most people with epilepsy will probably be aware of their condition. They may be taking medications to control their symptoms, or undergoing diet therapy. Some epilepsy is also treated with surgery or medical devices.

What are the chances of getting epilepsy?

In fact, if you have a close relative with epilepsy, the chance of you having epilepsy is only about 2-8%, depending on the specific type of epilepsy. The risk in the general population is about 1-2%.

Can you cure epilepsy?

For most people experiencing epilepsy, the seizures can be controlled with medication. But for some people, the response to medication is imperfect. If seizures continue despite everyone’s best efforts, in some cases, specialized surgery may be the answer. Sometimes, epilepsy is essentially “cured” with surgery.

What are some interesting facts about epilepsy?

Here Are The Top 20 Interesting Facts About Epilepsy: #1 Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is a disorder described by recurring seizures. It is a condition which affects the brain and causes repeated seizures. #2 During a seizure, the electrical impulses are disrupted, causing the body to behave strangely.