How do I find someone who served in Vietnam?

How do I find someone who served in Vietnam?

Vietnam War Indexes and Records on the Internet

  1. Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Fold3 (free) you can search for names and view images from the wall; you can also leave tributes.
  2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Website includes a searchable database of names on the wall.

What Marine Division was in Vietnam in 1968?

By the end of the year, the U.S. forces in South Vietnam’s I Corps, under the III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF), had regained the offensive….Table of Contents.

Foreword iii
III MAF January 1968 2
MACV and Command Arrangements 3
South Vietnam and I Corps 6
The Enemy 9

Why did Marines serve 13 months in Vietnam?

These deployments were limited to thirteen months to reduce the hardship imposed on the families by having the Marine away from home. When the first Marine units went into Vietnam in 1965, their status was seen as an extension of the already existing policy that allowed them to go overseas without dependents.

Which special Marines unit fought in Vietnam?

The 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines, 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, were the first Marines to be sent to Vietnam in March 1965 to protect the Da Nang Air Base. On 6 May 1965, the 3rd Marine Division opened the Marine Compound at the Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam.

What Marine units were in Vietnam?

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  • 1st Marine Regiment.
  • 1st Marine Division.
  • 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines.
  • 3rd Marine Division.
  • 5th Marine Regiment.
  • 5th Marine Division (United States)
  • 7th Marine Regiment.
  • 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (United States)

What was the minimum age of a US Marine in Vietnam?

14 years old
The youngest Vietnam War US Marine was just 14 years old.

What is the difference between a Vietnam vet and a Vietnam era vet?

Vietnam era veterans are those who served during the time of the Vietnam war but didn’t set foot in the country of Vietnam. The Vietnam vet is one who was assigned within the combat zone of the country and it’s surrounding waters.

How long was a Marine tour in Vietnam?

13 months
All US military personnel serving in Vietnam during the Vietnam War were eligible for one R&R during their tour of duty (13 months for marines, 12 months for soldiers, sailors, airmen).

What years were the Marines in Vietnam?

IN THE VIETNAM WAR, 1962 – 1975. 9 April 1962 – The leading elements of Marine Task Unit 79.3. 5, a helicopter task unit codenamed Shufly and commanded by Colonel John F.

Who was the first Marine killed in Vietnam?

Dan Bullock
Dan Bullock (December 21, 1953 – June 7, 1969) was a United States Marine and the youngest U.S. serviceman killed in action during the Vietnam War, dying at the age of 15….

Dan Bullock
Rank Private first class
Unit Company F, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
Battles/wars Vietnam War †

Who was in the Marine Corps in Vietnam?

S . MARINES IN VIETNAM THE DEFINING YEAR 1968 by Jack Shulimson Lieutenant Colonel Leonard A . Blasiol, U.S. Marine Corps Charles R. Smith and Captain David A. Dawson, U.S. Marine Corps

Who was the commander of the Vietnam War in 1968?

In the first two weeks of 1968, communist forces shelled 49 district and provincial capitals in South Vietnam and temporarily occupied two of them. The Commander of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) General William Westmoreland described to Time the fighting “as the most intense of the entire war.”.

What was the US troop level in Vietnam in 1968?

The year also saw Walter Cronkite’s call to honourably exit Vietnam because he thought the war was lost. This negative impression forced the US into the Paris peace talks with North Vietnam. US troop numbers peaked in 1968 with President Johnson approving an increased maximum number of US troops in Vietnam at 549,500.

Where was the US Navy during the Vietnam War?

War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Branch: Navy Service Location: United States Naval Training Center (USNTC), San Diego, Camp Pendleton, Coronado and Alameda, California; Midway Island; Vietnam Theme: Vietnam War: Looking Back Joseph Stephen Acsai War: World War, 1939-1945 Branch: Army Service Location: Africa; Sicily, Italy Theme: The War

What year the US first send the Marines to Vietnam?

On March 8, 1965, the Marines were the first U.S. combat troops to land in Vietnam. U.S. Marines from Force Reconnaissance Company, III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), utilize combat rubber raiding crafts to board the…

Who was the first US Marine killed in Vietnam?

The first U.S. casualty in Vietnam was Flying Tiger John T. Donovan who was killed on May 12, 1942, but American involvement in Vietnam was not considered official at that time and as such his name does not appear on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

How many US Marines served in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was costly to the U.S. Marine Corps. From 1965 to 1975, nearly 500,000 Marines served in Southeast Asia. Of these, more than 13,000 were killed and 88,000 wounded, nearly a third of all American causalities sustained during the war. Source: United States Marine Corps History Division

The 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division, were the first Marines to be sent to Vietnam in March 1965 to protect the Da Nang Air Base .