Are there any ways to avoid communicable diseases?

Are there any ways to avoid communicable diseases?

Get vaccinated against communicable diseases when possible. There are some vaccines against communicable diseases like Yellow Fever. The vaccination process involves exposing you to a controlled amount of the virus, so that your immune system gains the ability to fight the virus off. [2]

What can you do to prevent the spread of infectious disease?

Washing your hands frequently is one of the simplest and most basic things that you can do to stop infectious disease spread. It helps prevent the coronavirus and countless other bugs that you might otherwise contract.

What are the prevention and control measures for communicable diseases?

Communicable Diseases: Prevention and Control 1 Prevention and Control Measures are: Enforcing immunization laws and practicing universal… 2 Transmission Process: Communicable disease transmission is a dynamic process. 3 Types of Transmission: Direct Transmission – occurs when an infectious agent enters…

What can I do to prevent disease in the world?

You will research disease prevention issues and investigate how communicable and non-communicable diseases affect the world. You will explore how access to medical services and supplies, as well as access to health education, can play key roles in preventing disease.

What are the 5 communicable diseases?

Communicable diseases include malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, infant’s diarrhoea, measles and poliomyelitis diseases are passed on to people who are not already affected by it. To collect this data we use mortality rates, morbidity rates, disease incidence, disease prevalence and disability adjusted life…

What are the best ways to prevent disease?

For individuals, disease prevention can include the use of vaccination and prophylactic medications, and the identification of risk factors that could make someone more prone to contracting an illness. General wellness may also be promoted, as healthy individuals with strong bodies are less likely to contract disease.

What is the most common communicable disease?

Most common communicable diseases and their cure: The most common disease communicable that have feared the world are AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and hepatitis. AIDS is caused by a virus known as the retrovirus ; it is a slow virus because it affects the host body slowly.

How to prevent the risk of infectious diseases?

How to Reduce Your Risk of Infectious Diseases Wash Your Hands. Avoid Sharing Personal Items. Cover Your Mouth. Get Vaccinated. Wear a Face Mask. Practice Food Safety. Travel Safe. Practice Safe Sex. Avoid Animal-Borne Diseases. Take Care in Hospitals.