Why is my daughter going to another dentist?

Why is my daughter going to another dentist?

My daughter has been going to a family dentist for many years and filling in cavities. She has been away at college and had some problems. When she went to another dentist, I had her dental records se … read more

How can I find out if I have dentist in my area?

NHS England commissions dental services in England and is required to meet the needs of their local population for both urgent and routine dental care. Your local Healthwatch may be able to give you information about services in your area or raise a concern if you have one.

Can a NHS dentist take on new patients?

Dental surgeries will not always have the capacity to take on new NHS patients. You may have to join a waiting list, look for a different dentist who is taking on new NHS patients, or be seen privately.

What to do if your dentist is not open?

Dentists are open for urgent and routine treatments. Contact your dentist by phone or email. Changes have been made to keep you and the dental care team safe. If you cannot contact your dentist or you do not have one, use the get help from NHS 111 online.

What to do if your child is missing his or her adult teeth?

A child missing their adult teeth can have a broad range of very straight-forward treatments to other conditions that require more involvement with your dentist. It is important that a child be seen on a regular basis to keep an eye on their adult teeth and how they’re coming in.

Can a kid go to the dentist as a kid?

A place where a kid can be a kid. We treat ONLY children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. Our specialized approach allows us to provide safe and comfortable dental treatment tailored for children. We have several options including sedation/anesthesia for anxious, fearful, or nervous children. How Did We Do?

Who is the pediatric dentist at Park dental?

Your child may never want to leave Park Pediatric Dentistry! Welcome to Park Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Lesa Allison! Our office is specifically designed for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special health care needs. Children are our link to the future.

What to do if your dentist says nothing is wrong?

Get a second opinion if you don’t believe what your dentist is telling you. However, if the dentist advised you to wait and then follow up with him or her, you should definitely do that. Sometime, it is hard to diagnose something right the way and you body can heal itself as well. The key is to follow up. You shouldn’t be in extreme pain though.