Why is a small part of my finger swollen?

Why is a small part of my finger swollen?

If just one finger is swollen, the possible causes include trauma, infection, or inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Because a swollen finger can be a sign of a serious infection or inflammation, you should talk with your medical professional about your symptoms.

How do you know if your knuckle is fractured or swollen?

Broken knuckle symptoms

  1. pain, swelling, or numbness.
  2. cut or pierced skin.
  3. difficulty moving parts of the hand.
  4. depressed knuckle.
  5. misaligned or shortened fingers.
  6. deformity.
  7. bruising or discoloration.
  8. popping or cracking sound.

What causes swelling and pain in the knuckle area?

Also known as systemic sclerosis, scleroderma can cause joint pain, swelling, and limited movement of the fingers. Rheumatoid arthritis. This is a common connective tissue disorder that can affect the knuckles. Gout. Although uncommon, gout can result in pain and swelling of the knuckle. Infection.

How to get rid of swollen Knuckles at home?

The following are some tips to help relieve knuckle swelling and pain from the comfort of home: Soak your knuckles in a solution of warm salt water. This will help relieve swelling and stiffness of the knuckles and fingers. Use a cold compress on swollen knuckles to help reduce pain.

Can you feel knuckle pain in all fingers?

Knuckle pain can occur in any or all fingers. It can be very uncomfortable and make everyday tasks more difficult. Knowing the cause of knuckle pain can help you find methods of pain relief so you are able to do the things you’re used to doing. What are the symptoms of knuckle pain?

What causes swelling on the top of the finger?

Viral infections can also cause swelling of the finger in people with jobs that require exposure of the finger to body parts such as the mouth (dentists, nurses, healthcare professionals). This condition is known as herpetic whitlow. The finger is susceptible to many outside forces that can result in pain and injury.