Why does my daughter keep getting warts on her feet?

Why does my daughter keep getting warts on her feet?

Viruses from the human papillomaviruses (HPV) (say: pah-pih-LOH-mah-vy-rus) family cause warts. HPV viruses are like other germs. The wart virus loves warm, moist places like small cuts or scratches on your hands or feet.

How do I get rid of my 10 year olds wart?

Common wart removers available at any drugstore include:

  1. Adhesive pads or solutions with salicylic acid. Clean the area around the wart, apply the solution as directed, and later remove the dead skin with an Emery board or pumice stone.
  2. Solutions with propane or Freon that “freeze” the wart.

Should I take my child to the doctor for a wart?

Call Your Doctor If: Warts develop on the feet, genitals, or face. New warts develop after 2 weeks of treatment. Warts are still present after 12 weeks of treatment.

Is it common for kids to get warts on their feet?

Warts are common in kids and can affect any area of the body. They’re often seen around the fingernails, on the feet, on the face, and near the knees. Most warts do not hurt, but ones on the soles of the feet or ones that are frequently bumped into can be painful.

How do you get rid of warts on kids legs?

Gently file down the wart by removing layers of dead skin with a callus file, emery board or pumice stone. Remember to use only the file or pumice stone on the wart and not on other skin areas in order to prevent spreading the warts. Then the 17 percent salicylic acid should be applied to completely cover the wart.

How do you treat warts on children’s feet?

Treatment may include one or more of the below:

  1. Putting salicylic acid or other medicines on the wart (topical irritants)
  2. Freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Applying an electrical current to the wart (electrocautery)
  4. Cutting out (excising) the wart.
  5. Removing the wart with laser surgery.

How can a child get HPV warts?

In children, genital warts can be transmitted from an infected mother or other caregiver to the infant. It’s important to note, also, that if a child has genital warts – it may or may not be a sign of sexual abuse or early sexual activity.