Why do you love Seattle?

Why do you love Seattle?

Seattle is an interesting place, though! It is a small-ish city with a big-city feel, it has great neighborhoods and comfortable suburbs. It’s green, lush, prosperous, close to the ocean, and it feels very international. Also, Seattle shares a rich Pacific Northwest vibe with Vancouver and Portland.

Why Seattle is a good place to live?

Seattle is consistently ranked among the 10 best places to live in the United States by U.S. News, and for good reason. Not only is Seattle surrounded by lush evergreen forests, but the city is famous for being environmentally friendly. Plus, its residents earn above-average incomes.

What are the pros and cons of living in Washington state?

10 Pros and Cons of Living in Washington StateLiving in Washington State.Pros of Living in Washington State. Scenic Beauty. Good Job Opportunities. Relatively Low Tax. All Schools. Happy Population.Cons of Living in Washington State. Climate. Traffic. Expensive. Crime. Relatively Low Health Care Quality.Conclusion.

What is the cheapest city to live in Washington state?

Here’s a list of the most affordable cities in Washington state:Olympia, Wash.Richland, Wash.Bothell, Wash.Auburn, Wash.Redmond, Wash.

How much do I need to make to live in Seattle?

Recommended Salary The recommended household income for a two-bedroom apartment is $65,800 a year, or $32 an hour. The “living wage,” or the minimum amount of money needed to live above the poverty threshold, in Seattle is $15.26 an hour for a full-time employed individual.

Is living in Washington expensive?

Washington is an expensive state to call home. While other cities in Washington are slightly cheaper to live in, be prepared to pay a little more than you are probably paying in your current city (unless you’re living in New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco).

What is the most dangerous city in Washington state?

Washington’s crime situation is a bit unusual: the state boasts a violent crime rate considerably below the national average, yet has a significant property crime issue, mainly in Seattle and its other large cities….Washington’s Safest Cities.WA1CityOak HarborPopulation23,330Violent crime24Property crime16236 more columns•

Where should you not live in Washington State?

Kent, Federal Way, Tacoma, Spokane and University Place were found to be the least safe out of 72 Washington cities. Seattle ranked 46th, with 4,564 violent crimes and 37,934 property crimes as reported in the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

What is the safest town in Washington State?

The 20 Safest Cities in Washington#1. Snoqualmie. +0. Population 13,947. #2. West Richland. +10. Population 15,012. #3. Camas. +0. Population 23,865. #4. Mercer Island. -2. Population 26,641. #5. Oak Harbor. +15. Population 23,330. #6. Bainbridge Island. +1. Population 24,739. #7. Grandview. +24. Population 11,163. #8. Mill Creek. +26.

Does Seattle have a ghetto?

There are pleanty of sketchy areas in Seattle, probably the worst is Pine between 1st and 3rd near the Westlake bus tunnel entrance. If you take the light rail to the airport you will see the seedy side of Rainier Valley, gang graffiti and all, but yet there is still no real ghetto here.

What are the bad areas of Seattle?

Top 10 Bad Neighborhoods in SeattleRainier Beach. This neighborhood has a population of 15,358. Riverview. A total of 3,508 people live in this neighborhood. University District. Lake City. Capitol Hill. Ballard. Burien. Beacon Hill.

Is it safe to walk around Seattle at night?

Seattle at night isn’t that safe but is safer than a lot of other big cities. Pike Place Market closes at night so it isn’t a safe place at all. 3rd & Pike and 3rd & Pine are notorious drug dealing areas. Probably want to stay away from there day and night.

How dangerous is Seattle?

Overall, however, Seattle has a pretty low crime rate. The normal stuff applies for cities though: after dark, you probably shouldn’t go wandering around by yourself. Especially not in quiet and/or poorly lit areas. Basically, we’re going to say Seattle is pretty safe – much safer, in fact, compared to other US cities.

Is Seattle a friendly city?

A recent report from OfferUp claims that not only is Washington the friendliest state in the U.S., but Seattle is also the country’s second friendliest city behind San Diego.

Is Seattle a depressing place to live?

The city is known for that, but surprisingly, a new study says Seattle does not have the most depressing winters. It’s been a heck of a winter. The city is known for that, but surprisingly, a new study says Seattle does not have the most depressing winters. It’s been a heck of a winter.

What is a good salary in Seattle?

Income needed: $72,092. 50 percent for necessities: $36,046. 30 percent for discretionary spending: $21,628.

Is 80k a good salary in Seattle?

Within Seattle proper, at least any nice part of it, you’re not going to be living large on 80k. But if you’re willing to spend some more time on your commute and get away from the city, you can find more bang for your buck. And the there’s some very nice places in the surrounding area.

Is 130k a good salary in Seattle?

130k is a good income, if you don’t have daycare costs or a lot of consumer debt or student loans. I agree with Gardyloo re the 1800.00/mo scenario. Kirkland can be rather expensive. Unless you have several kids or a lot of other debt, you should be just fine on that income in Seattle or Kirkland.