Why do my legs hurt when I get up after sitting?

Why do my legs hurt when I get up after sitting?

Leg pain can have many causes, but your description of aching after prolonged standing or sitting suggests a possible buildup of fluid in the leg veins (chronic venous disease, venous insufficiency).

What causes stiffness in your legs?

The most common cause of muscle stiffness is a sprain or strain, which can affect both the muscles and ligaments. A strain is when the muscle fibers are stretched or torn. Strains are particularly common in the legs and lower back. A sprain is when the ligaments have been stretched, twisted, or torn.

Should I worry about aching legs?

Leg pain can affect the foot, ankle, knee, thigh, or in any part of the leg. You should be concerned about your leg pain and schedule a physician’s appointment if you observe these accompanying symptoms: Pain that worsens when you walk or exercise. Failure of home care treatments.

What causes muscle stiffness in legs after sitting?

People sometimes think that only older people suffer from problems with muscle stiffness in legs, but in reality, even younger people can suffer from this problem if they have a build-up of lactic acid in their legs due to the muscles in the legs not getting enough oxygen. Underoxygenation can be easily blamed for stiffness in legs after sitting.

What to do if your legs are stiff after standing up?

Just like morning stiffness tends to affect hand joints more, standing stiffness is mostly related to legs. Best Remedy: Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fight back this stiffness, especially after sitting down for a long time. Simply try not to stand up suddenly, and move slowly a few minutes after standing.

Why are my joints so stiff after sitting down?

So if you get stiff joints after sitting down for a while, rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis could be behind. In fact, they’re some of the top causes. Best Sign To Recognize It: There are basically 2 things you can guide on: stiffness comes up even if you sit down for 10-15 minutes; it needs a longer time to go away (over 10 minutes)

Why do my feet feel stiff when I Walk?

Poor circulation in our legs affects the conditioning of our feet and legs for walking.  Muscles that aren’t being used become unable to move.  We feel stiff and lose the grace of moving freely. We walk in stiff and stomp along ways, using our feet as platforms rather than functional movers.

Why do your legs hurt when you first stand up?

“When you stand up, the extra blood in the feet and legs has to be circulated back up the legs, which may create higher than normal blood pressure in the area, which in turn may cause you to feel pain.”

Why do my legs ache when sitting or lying down?

  • skin and bones.
  • Weak Leg Veins. The leg veins carry blood from the feet to the heart.
  • Blood Clot in the Legs.
  • Nerve Problems in the Legs.
  • Diabetes and Leg Pain.
  • Leg Pain and Menopause.
  • Growing Pains in the Legs.

    Why does my leg hurt after sitting at computer?

    Your muscles must be used in order to maintain strength and flexibility, and spending long hours at your desk can cause muscle fibers to break down. This is known as muscle atrophy and can make your leg muscles weak over time.

    What causes stiff joints after sitting?

    Stiffness that occurs when a person gets up after sitting for a prolonged period, such as in a movie theater, is typical with osteoarthritis. Giving it a bit of time and walking slowly often helps that situation pass. Joint stiffness after waking typically lasts up to 30 minutes in people with osteoarthritis.