Why do I have two dots in eye?

Why do I have two dots in eye?

Floaters occur naturally as the vitreous gel within your eye thickens or shrinks with age, causing clumps or strands to form. In most cases, floaters are completely harmless, if a little irritating. In some cases, the shrinking vitreous gel can pull on the retina (the focusing surface at the back of your eye).

Where is the bubble in my retina located?

As the bubble shrank, the edge of the bubble showed up as a dark line in my vision, near the top of my visual field. Strangely, even though the bubble sits at the top of the eye, it looks to the patient like the bubble is in the bottom of the eye.

What happens to your vision when your retina comes back?

As your vision comes back, grayed-out or hazy spots/zones in your vision will appear and may not go away. It may be clear around the gray, but you cannot see through the gray spots. You will feel off balance when in crowded situations. Ask folks to sit on your good side and speak to you from your good side.

How long after eye surgery can you see the second line?

Of course, there is no guarantee and each patient’s visual progress will be different. At this time, seven weeks after surgery, I can read the second or third line of an eye chart.

What happens if your retina is left untreated?

That’s when your retina pulls away from the wall at the back of your eye. Typically, you’ll first notice a shadow at the edge of what you see. That shadow can move to the center. Without prompt surgery or laser treatment, it can cause permanent vision loss. Macular pucker: Scar tissue on the macula “puckers” or wrinkles as it shrinks.

What can be seen in the retina of the left eye?

Reflections can be seen in the macular area. The underlying choroidal vessels are also visible. In this ophthalmoscopic view of the normal retina of the left eye, note the optic nerve head (optic disc) on the left (yellow arrow). Coming from the optic nerve are the retinal arterioles (red arrow).

How can I Find my Blind Spot in my left eye?

When the circle disappears, you found your left eye’s blind spot. Use your hands to find each of your blind spots. Close your left eye. Hold your left thumb out in front of you, with your arm straight. Look at your left thumb with your right eye. With your left eye still closed, hold up your right thumb.

What are the vessels on the right side of the retina?

The ratio of the width of the arterioles to the venules is 2:3. The inferotemporal and superotemporal are the predominant retinal vessels. The nasal vessels are to the right of the optic nerve head. Reflections can be seen in the macular area.

Can a 68 year old man see with his right eye?

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. A 68-year-old man with no prior eye abnormalities woke up one morning with painless severe loss of vision in his right eye. On examination, the patient can count fingers but is unable to see the largest letters on the eye chart with his right eye. He has a history of hypertension.