Why do I get red blotches on my chest?

Why do I get red blotches on my chest?

Skin Flushing/Blushing. Skin flushing or blushing describes feelings of warmth and rapid reddening of your neck, upper chest, or face. Blotchiness or solid patches of redness are often visible when blushing. Flushing happens as a result of increased blood flow.

What to do if you have a rash on your chest?

Apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to the affected area if the rash is very itchy and causing discomfort. Calamine lotion can also help relieve rashes from chickenpox, poison ivy, or poison oak. Take an oatmeal bath. This can soothe the itchiness associated with rashes from eczema or psoriasis.

Why do I have a rash on my chest?

Moving on, pityrosporum folliculitis is an acne-like rash that occurs after pityrosporum yeast invasion of hair follicles. The yeast normally inhabits the superficial skin surface but causes no harm when it is regulated or controlled with the body.

What causes a red rash on the side of the face?

caused by bacteria or fungi entering through a crack or cut in the skin red, painful, swollen skin with or without oozing that spreads quickly fever, chills, and red streaking from the rash might be a sign of serious infection requiring medical attention Read full article on cellulitis.

What does it mean when your skin is red and Itchy?

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin. It usually appears as a red, swollen area that is painful and tender to the touch. If left untreated, the infection causing the cellulitis can spread and become life-threatening. Chickenpox is a virus characterized by red, itchy blisters that form all over the body.

What causes a red rash on the back of the neck?

Chickenpox is a virus characterized by red, itchy blisters that form all over the body. Measles is a viral respiratory infection that causes a widespread rash consisting of itchy, red bumps. Scarlet fever is an infection due to group A Streptococcus bacteria that produces a toxin causing a bright red sandpaper-like rash.

Why do I have a itchy rash on my chest?

Itchy rash on chest. If you have an itchy rash on your chest, it could be a symptom of a number of conditions including: Allergic contact dermatitis. Allergic contact dermatitis is sometimes referred to as contact allergies.

What kind of skin rash is itchy and red?

Hives (urticaria), also known as welts, is a common skin condition with an itchy rash of pink to red bumps that appear and disappear anywhere on the body. Dry Skin (Xerosis) Dry skin (xerosis) is a condition of rough, dry skin with fine scaling of skin and, occasionally, with small cracks in the skin.

Why do I have red spots on my chest?

Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease in which skin cells rise to the surface too fast resulting in patches of red, scaly skin. It can show up virtually anywhere on your body, including on your chest. Treatment of psoriasis may include prescriptions from your doctor, including:

What causes redness and itching on the face?

One of the most common skin disorders that causes a rash is atopic dermatitis (ay-TOP-ik dur-muh-TI-tis), also known as eczema. Atopic dermatitis is an ongoing (chronic) condition that makes skin red and itchy.