Why did I have my top teeth pulled?

Why did I have my top teeth pulled?

When i was younger my mother couldn’t afford a lot so i had bad teeth, when i was 15 i moved in with my father who took me to the dentist all the time. every month it seemed like. I was hurt once and because i was getting older i had to go to adult dentist which they treat you different then when your a kid. It up set me to never go back.

What happens to your teeth after a tooth extraction?

After a tooth extraction, some patients report feeling as if their alignment has changed. The most common complaints are that their teeth don’t seem to meet as they used to, or that their bite feels slightly different. Can a tooth extraction affect your bite, the alignment of your teeth or how they fit in the jawbone?

How much pain will I be in after having all top teeth pulled?

I had 11 teeth that were broken off to the gum and 8 teeth that were still whole, well I was awake for the whole thing ( Which only lasted 50 minutes from the time I walked in the office till the time I walked out) well my numbness is now whereing off… the only discomfort I am feeling now is where I had the needles at…

What happens to your teeth when wisdom teeth are removed?

Removing the wisdom tooth can give the patient more room to brush surrounding teeth and can help them limit their number of cavities in future. The overall bite will be affected in positive ways. Optimum chewing capabilites will ensue after the removal of wisdom teeth.

Why did my wisdom tooth break after extraction?

This is under the assumption that your wisdom tooth or “third molar” was extracted or is still under the gums. The second molars are directly in line with our main chewing muscle called the masseter. These molar teeth tend to break because it is in an area of high power.

Is it necessary to have a tooth pulled?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to have a tooth pulled. Here are guidelines on typical tooth extraction healing time and tips for a speedy recovery.

What happens during the extraction of a tooth?

A list of painful events that may occur during your extraction procedure. 1) Numbing up your tooth. Every extraction begins with numbing up your tooth. And the way that’s done is the same as when any other type of dental work is performed. Your dentist will give you one, or more likely two or more, dental injections (“shots”).

Why are some molars left behind after extraction?

This is because most people have a class I bite and the molar that is left behind on the bottom usually still has something to bite against. This is because the upper and lower molars do not align perfectly on top of each other; they tend to be a half tooth off.