Why are Slogans Good for Business?

Why are Slogans Good for Business?

What is a Slogan?

Have you got any nicknames in your life? These names soon found popularity among the people, and whether you like it or not, it soon replaces your real name. The same psychology applies to every business also. A company’s name may or may not describe to the customers what it stands for, but the tagline is quick and easy to introduce the business. This tagline is called the slogan. Companies spent thousands of dollars in research to develop a slogan that described their business model in a fun way and appeals to their targeted audiences.

What is a good Slogan?

All slogans are not created equal. In this digital marketing age, when the customers are bombarded with thousands of ads every day, a business can’t remain in the customer’s conscious memory. Under these circumstances, the pressure for the success of a slogan becomes more crucial than ever. There are many slogans in the market, but a good motto must have the following qualities:

  1. Business Description: The slogan of a business must capture the essence of a business. A customer who does not know about the company should understand the enterprise’s values, services, and mission through its slogan.
  2. Small and Concise: The slogans must not be lengthy. The ideal slogan size is 10-12 words. This feature increases the readability of a commercial slogan.
  3. Memorable: The Slogans must be catchy and have a sense of the rhythm. This way, people can remember and retain the message of the advertisement for a very long time.
  4. Relatable: Every slogan not only describes the vision of a business, but it also has to be relevant to its targeted audiences.
  5. Easy to understand: A slogan must not be overcomplicated and difficult to know for the public. It should have laymen’s terms and words that are part of everyday vocabulary.

Importance of a Slogan

Most companies and businesses plan their entire marketing campaigns around a good slogan. Music composers and songwriters creat the tunes and lyrics that complement this slogan and reinforce it further into the conscious and subconscious memory of a person. You can hardly find a business that doesn’t have a tagline attached to its title and logo. A good motto has many advantages like:

  1. Publicizing the Business: A business doesn’t want to make greet people with its financial aims. The presence of a slogan helps the public to accept that the commercial entity is a service platform that works for their benefit.
  2. Marketing Buffer: A slogan works as the central idea of any marketing campaign. People who have difficulty remembering an organization’s name can easily relate to the motto, which increases the chances of success rates.
  3. Increase in Sales: A good slogan can multiply the sales of a company by many folds. When people are engrossed in selecting their retailers, a good motto nudges the balance of decision in favour of its organization.
  4. Brand Recognition: Without a slogan, people have no connection with a brand. A simple, catchy, and smart business tagline is crucial for building brand recognition.
  5. Memory Stamp: A slogan is like a memory stamp. People see hundreds of advertisements every day, only a few of these are successful in occupying credible space. The slogan provides them an easy way to relate and retain the company’s standing for longer.
  6. Beat the Competition: When people make their choices, a happy and appealing slogan is necessary to make the business stand out from the competition and reflect on the company positively.

Advantages of a Good Slogan

The new CEOs of the startups are always in hunt for the secrets of success to increase their businesses’ growth rate. Having a good slogan is one of these secrets. Every year multinational organizations arrange focus groups and run marketing surveys to come up with the best possible slogans for their brands. It takes time, consideration, and experience to create the perfect tagline that can represent your brand. Without a good motto, your business may be losing the following advantages:

  1. Brand Loyalty: A slogan increases your business’s brand loyalty—people frequent places where they are welcome and served. This motto is the best way to convey this message.
  2. Public Trust: A slogan invites public trust in the business. A simple line can help the brand find a way to relate to its customers and become a part of their lives.
  3. Unique Identity: The slogan is like a mass identifier for a brand. It gives the brand a unique identity and helps it stand out in the crowded market.
  4. Curb Appeal: A slogan helps the business appear more acceptably in the general public’s eyes. It makes the title and logo of the company more understandable and natural for the customers.
  5. Humanize the Business: A for-profit organization doesn’t want to represent its monetary interest to the general public. A slogan is essential to humanize the message of the business for the general public.

How can you get the best logo for your business?

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