Who is the police captain suing the LAPD?

Who is the police captain suing the LAPD?

Veteran police captain Lillian L. Carranza claims LAPD chiefs did nothing to stop a naked image – wrongly believed to be her – from being shared among officers The 50-year-old filed a lawsuit Friday claiming bosses knew the ‘deeply humiliating’ image was being circulated within the department but ‘took no steps’ to inform her

Who is the captain of the Los Angeles police department?

In the lawsuit, the LAPD Captain claims a nude image of another detective, Ysabel Villegas, was also passed around the force. Villegas reported last November that she had become the victim of revenge porn after an officer she was having an affair with sent naked photos of her to other cops.

Who was the first LAPD officer to die in the line of duty?

Since the establishment of the Los Angeles Police Department, 210 officers have died in the line of duty. Randal Simmons was the first LAPD SWAT officer to be killed in the line of duty in 2008. There have been two memorials to fallen LAPD officers.

Who is the Deputy Chief of the LAPD?

The police captain specifically names LAPD Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy, and accuses her of making no effort to stop the image being circulated, despite being aware of it since November. ‘The chief encourages us to be vocal and transparent, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to sexual harassment,’ Carranza said

Captain William Diel, LAPD — Captain, Los Angeles Police Department (September 18, 1998–?) — Philip Baker Hall: Rush Hour , Rush Hour 3 Captain Lindsay Cole, LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division — Commanding Officer, LAPD Hollywood Division (Robbery-Homicide Division) (March 31, 2016–?)

Who was the retired St.Louis police captain?

“One of those businesses had one of our retired captains, retired captain David Dorn, who retired after 38 years. During the looting process, David Dorn was exercising law enforcement that he learned here.”

When did David Dorn retire from the police?

Dorn had retired from the St. Louis City Police Department in 2007, KTVI reported, and later became police chief at Moline Acres. Retired St. Louis City Police officer David Ellison told the station that Dorn had helped him out of poverty and into a life as a police officer.

Who is the Assistant Chief of operations for the LAPD?

Assistant Chief Russell Taylor, M.P.A., LAPD (KIA, 2016) — Assistant Chief of Operations, Los Angeles Police Department (August 13, 2012–September 5, 2016, KIA) — Robert Gossett: The Closer , Major Crimes