Who came up with cough drops?

Who came up with cough drops?

William Luden
However, the Smith Brothers soon faced competition. William Luden pioneered the creation of menthol cough drops in 1881, inspired by the small bottles of menthol carried around by cold-sufferers in an effort to relieve their symptoms.

Does Smith brothers still make cough drops?

We are sad to announce that Smith Brothers Cough Drops have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Has someone died from cough drops?

There are no known cases of death from overdosing on menthol from cough drops. Overall, the outlook will depend on how much of the medication was swallowed and how quickly the person receives medical treatment.

How old is the Smith brothers?

Celebrating 100 Years | Smith Brothers Farms. It all began in 1920 when Ben Smith began peddling milk to his neighbors for some extra cash.

Which cough drops are the best?

Cough Lozenges, Sore Throat Remedies

Medications Percentage of Pharmacists’ Votes
#1 Cepacol Most Pharmacist Votes 37% View on Amazon
#2 HALLS 27% View on Amazon
#3 Chloraseptic 17% View on Amazon
#4 Fisherman’s Friend 5% View on Amazon

What happened to Pine Brothers cough drops?

The Pine family continued to run the Pine Bros. Soft Throat Drops business until the 1930s. The business has been sold several times since then. It was recently revived in 2012 by Victoria Knight-McDowell, creator of dietary supplement Airborne.

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What happened to Smith Brothers cough drops?

Lanes Brands acquired Smith Brothers in 2016 and is now trying to rebrand America’s first cough drop as an herbal remedy. The black licorice variant remains long gone, but classic Wild Cherry is still available, along with two new flavors: Honey Lemon and Warm Apple Pie.

What was the first brand of cough drops?

Smith Brothers. The Smith Brothers were makers of the first cough drops produced and advertised in the United States, becoming one of the most famous brands in the country in its day.

Who was the founder of the Smith Brothers Cough Drops?

Our founder, James Smith, emigrated from Fife, Scotland to Canada in 1831, then onto the U.S. where he eventually opened a New York City confectioner called, James Smith & Sons Sweet Shop. In 1847, James met Sly Hawkins, a peddler who sold him a recipe for cough formula drops.

Who was the founder of Luden’s cough drops?

William H. Luden created the Luden’s brand in 1879. Early products included cough drops and candy. Luden gave samples of his cough drops to railroad workers, giving the product national exposure in an early example of guerrilla marketing.

Where are Luden’s honey licorice cough drops made?

Luden’s Honey-Licorice Cough Drops Luden’s is an American brand of cough drop that is currently manufactured and sold in the US by Prestige Brands. Company headquarters are in Tarrytown, New York.