Which is the most harmful virus to the human body?

Which is the most harmful virus to the human body?

One of the most detrimental viruses to the human body is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is responsible for over 500,000 cases of cervical cancer annually, all over the world. HPV is spread by skin-to-skin contact, and is divided into two types—low-risk HPV and high-risk HPV.

How does a virus affect the immune system?

And some viruses, such as HIV, work essentially by tricking the immune system. Viruses cause many diseases, including colds, measles, chicken pox, HPV, herpes, rabies, SARS and the flu. Though they’re small, they pack a big punch — and they can only sometimes be sent into exile. How can light kill viruses? Brown, John C.

What kind of diseases can a virus cause?

Viruses can cause many different health problems in humans including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, and even cancer. They are an extremely small foreign organism that invade healthy cells, and seek to wreak havoc in a healthy human or animal.

How does the human body fight a virus?

A virus can then spread through a wide variety of means, such as touching, coughing and sneezing. The body fights viruses by breaking down the viral genetic material via RNA interference. The immune system then produces antibodies that bind to viruses to make them noninfectious.

What are some viruses that are harmful to humans?

Human viruses cause a variety of maladies, depending on the virus type and the tissues infected. All humans contract multiple viruses throughout the course of life. The severity of viral illnesses ranges from mild to lethal. Cold, flu, stomach and hepatitis viruses are among the most common types of human viruses encountered worldwide.

What are five common human illnesses caused by viruses?

The most common diseases caused by viruses include ebola, influenza, yellow fever, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS), human papillomavirus (HPV), viral gastroenteritis, varicella, and viral hepatitis , among others.

What is the scariest virus?

Petya is the scariest computer virus yet for Microsoft Windows users. Here’s what to do about it. A fast-moving, international computer virus called Petya is taking down corporate networks that run mainly on Microsoft Windows software.

What is the world’s most deadliest virus?

The Marburg virus is considered the deadliest virus in the world, with a body count that will likely give any sane person the heeby-jeebies. Marburg is deadly because it takes its cues from its sister virus, ebola, in that the endgame is massive hemorrhaging and slow, agonizing, messy death.