Which ending is better in Great Expectations?

Which ending is better in Great Expectations?

Arguments Favoring the Second Ending The second ending continues the imagery of the garden and the mist and is better written. The second ending continues the patterns of union and separation and reconciliation, the connection of the past and the present, and Pip and Estella’s meetings at Satis House.

What does the ending of Great Expectations mean?

Estella has been widowed after an unhappy marriage in which her husband used her with great cruelty. In the final lines of the novel, Pip comments ambiguously that he saw the shadow of no parting from her. After decades of longing for her, it seems possible that Pip will finally get to be with Estella, especially …

Do Pip and Estella end up together?

Pip goes to Cairo and Estella marries someone else. However, in both endings Pip and Estella do not get together. In the revised ending, we are told that Pip has no shadow of another parting from her but this is not an indication that they get together. The conversation between Pip and Estella indicates that.

What is the moral lesson of great expectations?

The moral theme of Great Expectations is quite simple: affection, loyalty, and conscience are more important than social advancement, wealth, and class.

What is the summary of great expectations?

Great Expectations follows the childhood and young adult years of Pip a blacksmith’s apprentice in a country village. He suddenly comes into a large fortune (his great expectations) from a mysterious benefactor and moves to London where he enters high society.

What are the major themes of great expectations?

In Great Expectations Charles Dickens explores many universal ideas. Although there are many concepts addressed in the novel, the author focuses on three major themes: social class and ambition, guilt and redemption, and uncertainty and deceit.

What is the main conflict in Great Expectations?

The Major Conflict The main conflict is undoubtedly between Pip himself and his extremely powerful conscience. Pip attempts to achieve great things for himself while still holding on to his morals and values along the way. He must distinguish what means the most to him and figure out where his priorities lay.

How does PIP lose his innocence?

In Chapter 48, Pip, who lives and works with Herbert Pocket, concludes about himself, Along with the milieu of the law and prison so often as the backdrop for the narrative, Pip finds himself losing his innocence as he steals “wittles” for the convict.

What is the climax of great expectations?

The climax occurs when Pip learns the identity of his benefactor. In that moment, all his great expectations dissolve into shame of the convict and disgust with himself for his gradual change. He knows now that he is not destined to marry Estella, nor is he any less common than he was as a blacksmith’s apprentice.

Who is the villain in Great Expectations?


Is great expectations based on a true story?

Of Dickens’s novels, only Great Expectations and David Copperfield are written entirely in the first person, with the character telling the story to the reader.

Does PIP love Estella?

Estella’s relationship with Pip Estella states throughout the text, that she does not love Pip. In a way, Estella is a character to be pitied, and even through her actions, we can see that she is still a victim of Miss Havisham’s cruel vengeance.

Why is Great Expectations still relevant today?

The novel is still relevant today for, amongst many other themes, it reminds us of the importance of family and the consequences of neglecting familial relations, the detriments of obsession to the point of distorting reality (i.e. Miss Havisham’s obsession with revenge, Pip’s obsession with Estella), and the …

Is Great Expectations a good read?

It is a fully satisfying read. It has a strong engrossing plot, is a well developed romance, and has a lot to say about the human condition and in particular class struggles and corruption. It is Dickens at his most mature and yet still desperate for signs of fairness and justice in the world.

Why Great Expectations is a great book?

The novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, is considered a good book because it does what Dickens intended. Dickens used his writing to criticize the establishment, the ruling class, in their use of prisons and poverty and the expectations of a young man like Pip.

Why Great Expectations is a classic?

As a classic book, Great Expectations, contains vivid characters who struggle for survival, discover love, encounter failure, work hard and achieve success. Dickens fills his novel with real experiences filled with alienation, lonliness, ambition, success, failure, family, and self-discovery.

What age should you read Great Expectations?


Is Great Expectations hard to read?

Great Expectations is a difficult book to read, with lots of dialect and outdated words. If English isn’t your first language, it will be impossible. But with a study guide to help you, you can read it and understand it, no problem.