Where does my sister live with her brothers?

Where does my sister live with her brothers?

I and the oldest brother live out of town and the youngest brother lives next door to my sister. They hardly if ever communicate. The sister does not discuss mother’s care, etc. The only way you get any information, you have to ask – and at that, she questions “why do you want to know” or “that’s none of your business.

When did my sister put her mother into a home?

There were various monthly outgoings to my sister and her daughter and a shortfall of £44,000 from the house sale, which seems unaccounted for. My sister put my mother, who had dementia by then, into a home in about March 2012, but money was still coming out of her account as well (not just for the home fees).

What does my mother do with her sister?

All mother does while living with my sister is stay in bed all day and night. They do not take her out. My sister does work during the weekday, but her husband is retired and is at home all day. On weekend, the sister goes to beautyshop/shopping/ showers/parties and outings leaving mother home alone.

How did my sister take control of my mother?

My sister was left as executor but immediately joined with another sister to start controlling our mother’s assets. We have asked her to perform an inventory of our mom’s belongings, but she has refused and suggested she will keep my mother’s home and house possessions (which are mostly of sentimental value).

Why does my sister not talk to me?

She doesn’t communicate with you regularly, and while that could be because she’s self-absorbed or dislikes you, it could also be because she’s afraid of getting hurt and nervous and doesn’t really know how to interact with you given what your family has been through. Your whole family, like a lot of families, has more going on than meets the eye.

What should I do if my sister never calls?

My sister never calls, writes or visits. She has young children whom I send birthday and christmas gifts to. At most I receive a short email of thanks written by her or her partner but ‘signed’ (not really) by the kids. It’s been nearly 20yrs since she has visited my home, or met my friends, or shown much interest in my life.

What did my sister say about my mother?

When I asked my sister if I could call her for emotional support she denied me to my face: “you chose to help her, you deal with it” was her response. Now that my sister lives next door to our mother she uses her as she can – laundry, shopping, kid watching etc – but rarely even visits her in person.

Is it true that my sister had a troubled childhood?

Everything you’ve told us is consistent with a scenario in which your sister had a deeply troubled childhood and is now, as an adult, trying to find ways to keep it from affecting her children.