When to see a eye doctor after cataract surgery?

When to see a eye doctor after cataract surgery?

Follow-Up Visits. The physician will schedule regular check-ups to examine the healing progress of the eye, following cataract surgery. Usually, one exam is scheduled for the day after surgery. If the physician placed sutures in the eye, an appointment will be scheduled for about five days after the surgery, to remove them.

What are the do’s and don’ts after cataract surgery?

Don ts after the surgery Never rub your eye or splash water in your eye as it might increase the chance of infection. If anything enters your eye or it starts itching, better consult your …

When to take eye dressing off after cataract surgery?

This is normal and is the result of having a sub-tenon local anaesthetic (the injection given to you before the cataract surgery) You can take the eye dressing off in the late evening/before going to bed but you are advised to keep the eye covered with the given plastic eye shield overnight

When to take a nap after cataract surgery?

You will be provided with a protective shield for your eye that should be worn during sleep (even naps) for at least the first week after your cataract surgery. This will help you avoid rubbing your eyes and/or causing an accidental injury to your eye while it is in the recovery phase.

When to see an eye doctor for cataract surgery?

Some patients need additional testing. For example, patients with diabetic retinopathy should have an OCT to look for macular edema, as doing cataract surgery may worsen the swelling. Days of Examination: POD1, POW1/2, POM1 (day 1, week 1/2, month 1)

What to know about postoperative care after cataract surgery?

The postoperative care ensures that the cataract patient has the best possible results in vision restoration. Complications may even occur after the cataract surgery. Hence, it is the responsibility of the operating ophthalmologist to make the patient understand and follow the aftercare regimen in the postoperative period.

When does a cataract interfere with another eye problem?

When a cataract interferes with the treatment of another eye problem, cataract surgery may be recommended. For example, doctors may recommend cataract surgery if a cataract makes it difficult for your eye doctor to examine the back of your eye to monitor or treat other eye problems such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

How long does it take for cataract surgery to take place?

An outer housing of the cataract (the lens capsule) is generally left in place. After removing the emulsified material, your surgeon inserts the lens implant into the empty space within the capsule where the natural lens used to be (bottom). Cataract surgery, usually an outpatient procedure, takes an hour or less to perform.