When does technology make truck drivers obsolete in 10 years?

When does technology make truck drivers obsolete in 10 years?

In the final stage of full self-driving automation, starting from 2025 onward, “the driver is practically no longer required,” the analysts write. The technology needed to achieve this is surprisingly mature, and is already being tested on non-public land.

Why are we getting rid of truck drivers?

The factors that are leading to the disappearance – or to the reduction, at least, in a first phase – of human intervention in the cabin, are pretty much the same that are used to justify the getting rid of taxi drivers (thanks to driverless cars) and sailors, in the near future: safety and cost.

Are there any truck drivers behind the wheel?

In the mines, there is no driver behind the wheel. Instead, the trucks are supervised by remote operators and respond to GPS directions. Experiments have also been performed on public land.

Is it good to be a truck driver?

Still, it pays the bills, and for millions of Americans, it’s a way to make a decent living. Unfortunately, it is also one of many activities that is going to be sacrificed on the altar of technological advancements, if the new report ” On the road towards the autonomous truck ” by consulting company Roland Berger is to be believed.

Why are so many truck drivers in accidents?

There are many other reasons why truck owner operators could contribute to a crash. They include daydreaming, sickness, driving too fast or too slow, distractions like cell phones or texting, following too closely to the vehicle in front and driver inexperience. There are also cases where a mechanical failure leads to a crash.

How often does a truck crash result in a death?

Big rig accidents experience a fatal collision with a vehicle in 74% of all crashes, 81% of all injury cases, and 76% of all property damage cases. In other words, the first harmful event to take place during a crash which involves large trucks is precisely collision with another vehicle. Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 10.

What was the rate of truck accidents in 2013?

This data has been extracted from the latest case reports, showing a steady rise in accidents at work zones. In 2013, the rate of fatal crashes involving at least one large truck was about 28%, only to rise by 2% in the coming years.

When do most semi truck accidents take place?

Semi-truck accident statistics show that most truck crashes occur between noon and 3 PM. In 2014, up to 17% of all crashes during the day would take place at that time-frame, with a total casualty count of 622 people. In 2017, up to 19% of all accidents resulting in 759 deaths were recorded during the same time of the day.