What words have itching?

What words have itching?

6 letter words containing itch

  • switch.
  • stitch.
  • twitch.
  • glitch.
  • bitchy.
  • snitch.
  • pitchy.
  • flitch.

What words end in Hy?

15-letter words that end in hy

  • crystallography.
  • ultrasonography.
  • lymphadenopathy.
  • cholangiography.
  • psychobiography.
  • roentgenography.
  • biostratigraphy.
  • encephalography.

What words end with each?

6-letter words that end in each

  • breach.
  • preach.
  • bleach.
  • pleach.
  • queach.
  • treach.
  • kbeach.
  • cbeach.

What starts with S and ends with hit?

Checking my dictionary of words, “shit” seems to be the only english word that fits. They’re all French. Incroyable!

What words end with ch?

10-letter words that end in ch

  • stagecoach.
  • wristwatch.
  • cornstarch.
  • hotchpotch.
  • crosshatch.
  • deathwatch.
  • backstitch.
  • whipstitch.

What words start with Hy?

16-letter words that start with hy

  • hyperventilation.
  • hypopigmentation.
  • hydrometeorology.
  • hypervitaminosis.
  • hyperpituitarism.
  • hypersensibility.
  • hypersensitivity.
  • hyperthermophile.

What four letter word ends with it?

4-letter words ending with IT

adit alit
cuit doit
duit EBIT
edit emit
exit flit

Why is CH pronounced k?

The “ch” words with the k sound are derived from classical Greek, while the “ch” words with the sh sound come from modern French. It was used in words from Old French that were already spelled with “ch,” as well in Old English words pronounced with tch and formerly spelled with “c.”

What word ends with SS?

Words That End With SS

  • bass.
  • boss.
  • buss.
  • cess.
  • coss.
  • cuss.
  • diss.
  • doss.

Is Hy a word?

No, hy is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What words have IA in them?

20 letter words containing ia

  • hypercholesterolemia.
  • semiautobiographical.
  • abetalipoproteinemia.
  • hyperlipoproteinemia.
  • overenthusiastically.
  • microminiaturization.
  • chlamydobacteriaceae.
  • chemodifferentiation.