What subjects are on the CA bar?

What subjects are on the CA bar?

The following subjects may be tested on the California bar examBusiness Associations (including Agency, Partnership, LLCs and Corporations)Civil Procedure (Federal* and California)Community Property.Constitutional Law*Contracts*Criminal Law*Criminal Procedure*Evidence (Federal* and California)

What is a passing score on the California bar exam?


How long does it take to study for the California bar exam?

Ideally, you should study for at least 400 hours. This can take up to 9 weeks if you study full-time, or much longer if you study at a slower pace. Even if you study hard, there’s a chance you won’t pass the Bar examination your first time around.

When should I start studying for the July bar?

So, if you’re studying for the February bar exam, you’ll want to start studying in December, and if you’re studying for the July bar exam, you’ll need to start in May. So decide as early as possible when you’re going to take the bar, and then block off the two months leading up to the bar for studying.