What should my red blood cell count be?

What should my red blood cell count be?

Your RBC count of 3.85 is below normal.The normal range of RBC count is from 4.2 to 5.4 million cells/mcL. nutritional deficiencies including iron, copper, vitamin B-12, or vitamin B-6.Anemia is the most common cause of having less than the normal number of red blood cells. The treatment is done according to the cause.

What does a low red blood cell count mean?

Depends: Low RBC means your red blood cell count is low. It could be from exessive loss, or inadequate production. There are other tests which coud help determine the cause, such as hemoglobin, hemotacrit, iron level, indices, etc.

Is it common for seniors to have low red blood cell count?

Anemia means having a red blood cell count that is lower than normal, and it’s very common in seniors. About 10% of independently living people over age 65 have anemia. And anemia becomes even more common as people get older.

What does it mean when your RBC count is above normal?

When the values of the RBC count, hematocrit, and hemoglobin decrease below the established reference interval, the person is said to be anemic. When the RBC and hemoglobin values increase above the normal range, the person is said to be polycythemic.

What causes high red blood count?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is characterized by difficulty breathing, may be present when an individual has a high red blood cell count. Dehydration may cause an elevated red blood cell count.

What causes high RBC levels?

A high RBC count could be caused by a number of health conditions or health-related factors, including: smoking. congenital heart disease. dehydration (for example, from severe diarrhoea) low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia)

What causes a high red blood cell count?

Health or lifestyle factors can cause a high red blood cell count. Medical conditions that can cause an increase in red blood cells include: Heart failure, causing low blood oxygen levels. Congenital heart disease (born with it) Polycythemia vera (a blood disorder in which the bone marrow produces too many red blood cells) Kidney tumors.

Does high RBC mean cancer?

Polycythemia (High Red Blood Cells) Polycythemia vera is a low-grade cancer marked by the overproduction of red blood cells. Elevated production of red blood cells can also occur in response to low levels of oxygen within body tissues.