What should I do about my post extraction gum bump?

What should I do about my post extraction gum bump?

Behind the bump is the extraction site, which is 90 percent closed or more. What should I do about this bump? Is it a piece of bone or normal gum repositioning? It feels sore too. Thanks. I am a 51 year old female.

What causes a hard lump after tooth extraction?

Hard lump post extraction. But typically it is seen with root canaled teeth because the bacteria living inside of infected teeth proliferates beyond the tooth and into the bone. Frequently the result of that bacterial infection is the formation of a Radicular cyst that forms at the apex (end) of the root.

How long will it take for the hard lump in my jaw to heal?

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks from the extraction and about 3-3,5 weeks since that hard lump formed in my jaw. At first it was solid, hard as a marble and kind of round too. Now it feels a fraction softer, it does not hurt, it feels slightly tender when I press it and I get this weird sensation too.

Why do I have a lump on my gums after a root canal?

Lump on gum after root canal. Lumps on gum as mentioned are common. Some may occur due to a viral or bacterial infection whereas other to some people the lump may occur after a root canal. A root canal is a dental procedure of replacing an infected pulp with an inert material.

When to do apical surgery on a tooth?

Indications for apical surgery: 1. Conventional re-treatment is not possible or practical. 2. Re-treatment has already been done. 3. Biopsy is necessary. So, at this point in a treatment planning algorithm, a clinician must evaluate the tooth in question and together with the patient choose the course of treatment.

What happens if you have a root canal apicoectomy?

The infection causes bone loss to occur around the root where you would need bone for a dental implant. What is An Apicoectomy? An apicoectomy, or “reverse root canal,” is sometimes done as a last ditch effort to save an almost hopeless tooth with a root canal. It does not have a very high long-term documented success rate.

Can a mandibular nerve be removed with apicoectomy?

Meaning, many Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons would advise against having the apicoectomy procedure if they thought the mandibular nerve would be at an unacceptable risk. The removal of the failed root canal tooth and dental implant replacement is better option in those cases.

When is apical surgery not a viable option?

When I get a patient with failing root canal, I prefer a non-surgical re-treatment when possible to save the natural tooth. Sometimes however, this option is not possible or practical. In this case, a decision must be made whether or not endodontic surgery is a viable option. Indications for apical surgery: 1.