What it is or what is it?

What it is or what is it?

“What is it?” is a complete sentence, and a question. You can ask it to get information. “What it is” is a noun clause, which represents the above question, or the answer to it, in a larger sentence, e.g., “I don’t know what it is.”. It is not a complete sentence and it doesn’t make sense by itself.

What it for meaning?

1. For what purpose or reason, why, as in I know you’re going to England, but what for? [ Mid-1700s] 2. A punishment or scolding, as in You’ll get what for from Mom if she catches you smoking, or The teacher really gave Bud what for. [

What do you need it for meaning?

“What” do you need that for is asking for a thing or object. “Why do you need that” is asking for an explanation for needing that object. “What do you need that for” is asking if you have a purpose for that object you need.

Whats in it for you mean?

What does one stand to gain from some action or activity situation? A: “We want you to throw the fight in the third round.” B: “Hmm. What’s in it for me?” I just don’t understand why the company would do this.

Why It is What It is is bad?

The origin of the phrase is unclear, as is exactly what it means in any given context. People seem to dislike it largely because it implies that the speaker could care less about the subject and would be helpless to do anything about it if he or she did care.

Will it do the job?

If something does the job, it performs the piece of work you want to be done and achieves the result you want: Here, this knife should do the job.

What does it mean to give someone?

to officially give something to someone, or to decide that something can be used for a specific purpose.

Is it rude to say what do you want?

“what do you want” is a rude statement, and gets more rude if you say it angrily. it’s kind of like saying “leave me alone” or telling someone to “go away, I dont want to help you”

Is asking what do you want rude?

If you say to someone ‘what do you want? ‘, you are asking them in a rather rude or angry way why they have come to the place where you are or why they want to speak to you. ‘What do you want!’

What does to mean in text?

The definition of TO is “Time Out”

What’s in it for us?

Why do people say it is what is?

It simply means that “it’s as simple as that and we can’t do much about it”. It’s not an idiotic phrase, the worse you can call it is an excuse. Originally Answered: What do you think when people say “It is what it is”?