What is the other name for common cold?

What is the other name for common cold?

The common cold, also called viral rhinitis, is one of the most common infectious diseases in humans.

What does common cold stand for?

The common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). It’s usually harmless, although it might not feel that way. Many types of viruses can cause a common cold.

What kind of disease is the common cold?

The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. The throat, sinuses, and larynx may also be affected.

Are there any cool nicknames for the word cold?

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Who is the best doctor for the common cold?

Michael Menna, DO, is a board-certified, active attending emergency medicine physician at White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York. The common cold is an infection of your nose and throat caused by viruses. We typically catch between two and four colds a year.

How to get rid of the common cold with natural remedies?

11 Popular Natural Remedies for the Common Cold 1 Zinc Lozenges. 2 Vitamin D. 3 Astragalus. 4 Garlic. 5 Vitamin C. 6 Honey. 7 Echinacea. 8 Ginseng. 9 Ginger. 10 Elderberry.

Which medical term describes the common cold?

Common cold. The common cold (also known as “acute nasopharyngitis”) is a mild viral infectious disease of the nose and throat; the upper respiratory system. Symptoms include sneezing, sniffling, running/blocked nose (often these occur simultaneously, or in only one nostril); scratchy, sore, or phlegmy throat; coughing; headache; and tiredness.

How do you fight the common cold?

It is a fact that no medicine can cure head cold (common cold); but home remedies for head cold can significantly reduce the discomfort caused by cold. Gargle regularly with warm salty water or sage tea. Drinking hot water and hot liquids works great for nasal congestion.

How much do you know about the common cold?

Sneezing, sore throat, a stuffy nose, coughing – everyone knows the symptoms of the common cold. It is probably the most common illness. In the course of a year, people in the United States suffer 1 billion colds. You can get a cold by touching your eyes or nose after you touch surfaces with cold germs on them.

What are the stages of common cold?

The common cold goes through 5 stages as onset, progression, peak, remission, and recovery the remedies to consider that can help you through cold.