What is the meaning of carcinogenic chemical?

What is the meaning of carcinogenic chemical?

Chemical Carcinogens are compounds which can cause cancer in humans and experimental animals. This property is attributed to many chemicals in the public discussion, resulting in a widespread perception of danger and threat.

What is the medical definition of carcinogenic cancer?

Medical Definition of carcinogenic. : producing or tending to produce cancer the carcinogenic action of certain chemicals — Journal of the American Medical Association.

What are some words that use the combining form carcinogen?

Carcinogen literally translates to “something which produces cancer.” What are some words that use the combining form carcino- or carcin-? carcinoma (using the equivalent form of carcino-in Greek) carcinosis; carcinogenic; carcinolytic; carcinomatosis (using the equivalent form of carcino-in Latin) carcinophobia

Are there any substances that are known to be carcinogenic?

It sometimes seems as if the list of carcinogenic substances gets longer every day. A substance such as a food additive that’s been in common use for years may unexpectedly show signs of being carcinogenic in laboratory experiments. When that happens, the suspected carcinogen will often have to be withdrawn from the market.

How does a carcinogen work in a cell?

Carcinogens work by interacting with a cell’s DNA and inducing genetic mutations. A carcinogen is a specific chemical or physical agent that has the ability to cause cancer in individuals exposed to that agent. Interestingly, some carcinogenic agents are associated with increasing the risk of developing specific types of cancer.

What is the medical definition of the term carcinogenic?

A carcinogen is defined as any substance or radiation that promotes cancer formation or carcinogenesis . Chemical carcinogens may be natural or synthetic, toxic or non-toxic.

What is another word for carcinogenic?

Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Adjective. Causing or tending to cause cancer. carcinogenic. dangerous. hazardous. noxious. oncogenic. poisonous.

What is carcinogen used for?

Chlorine is one such carcinogen. Chlorine is helpful for disinfecting water for bathing, drinking, and swimming. At the same time, its byproducts are capable of causing a range of illnesses, including lung cancer.

What does carcinostatic mean?

Medical Definition of carcinostatic. : capable of inhibiting the growth of malignant tumors Standardized beta-glucan extracts … show particular potential as carcinostatic agents that can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments to treat cancer.— Mark Mayell, Alternative Medicine Review, February 2001.