What is Aboriginal perspective?

What is Aboriginal perspective?

These perspectives reflect individual and community experiences, cultural beliefs and values. They acknowledge and connect Aboriginal peoples’ and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ ways of knowing, viewing and relating to the world.

What is an Aboriginal Yarning circle?

A yarning circle is a harmonious, creative and collaborative way of communicating to: encourage responsible, respectful and honest interactions between participants, building trusting relationships. foster accountability and provide a safe place to be heard and to respond.

What does yarn mean in Aboriginal?

Yarn. English word for a long story, often with incredible or unbelievable events. Originally a sailors’ expression, “to spin a yarn”, in reference to stories told while performing mundane tasks such as spinning yarn. In Australian English, and particularly among Aboriginal people, has become a verb, to talk.

What is a Yarning story?

Put simply, Yarning is about building respectful relationships. The use of a yarning circle (or dialogue circle) is an important process within Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islander culture.

What culture uses Yarning circles?

Yarning circles are a traditional part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture that have been used for centuries to learn from a collective group, build respectful relationships and to preserve and pass on cultural knowledge.

How are Yarning circles conducted?

A yarning circle is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. The use of a ‘talking piece’ help to make it clear who is talking and who are listening. The students sit together in a circle and pass a “talking piece“ (an object used to identify the speaker) around.

What is aboriginal mean?

original inhabitant