What is a double hip spica cast?

What is a double hip spica cast?

Bilateral hip spica cast (also known as double hip spica) used for pelvis, hip, or thigh (femur) fractures. also used to hold the hip or thigh muscles and tendons in place after surgery. long leg: applied from the chest to the feet, with a bar between both legs to keep the hips and legs immobile.

Can you walk in a hip spica cast?

Do not allow walking in a spica cast. This may disrupt the healing process. Some children do not fit safely in their car seat after they are in a spica cast.

Are hip spica casts still used?

Hip spicas were formerly common in reducing femoral fractures, but today are rarely used except for congenital hip dislocations, and then mostly while the child is still an infant. In some cases, a hip spica may only extend down one or more legs to above the knee.

How much does a spica cast cost?

The mean cost of the femoral fracture orthosis was $4,855 while the mean cost of treatment with spica cast was $12,818, which included anesthesia costs.

How do you carry a child in a spica cast?

How do you keep a child in a spica cast comfortable? The child may sit in whatever position is comfortable. Try using pillows, throw cushions or a bean bag chair to help prop her up. Small children can be pulled around in a wagon or stroller.

How do you sleep in a spica cast?

Sleeping. Never place your child on their front (tummy) to sleep in a hip spica. When putting your child down for a sleep or rest, they must be on their back. Safe sleep guidelines still apply to babies in hip spicas.

How do you pronounce Hip Spica?

What is a hip spica cast? A hip spica cast, known as a ‘spica’ (pronounced “spy-ca”) is an orthopaedic plaster cast used to hold the hips and thighs in one position. It is used to aid the healing of your child’s hip surgery.

How much do casts cost?

On MDsave, the cost of an Arm or Leg Cast ranges from $134 to $501. Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can save when they buy their procedure upfront through MDsave.

What is a thumb spica cast used for?

They are primarily used to secure nonemergency injuries to bones until they can be evaluated by a consultant such as an orthopedic surgeon. They are also used to temporarily immobilize an extremity before surgery (eg, for an open fracture) or to assist in primary healing.

What do you wear with a spica cast?

Break-away pants with side snaps/zippers often fit over the legs. Pants can be altered — try splitting the side seam and adding Velcro or snaps along that seam so you can fasten pants around the legs of the cast. Socks protect the feet and toes. Loose-fitting dresses also work well.

How is a hip spica cast applied to the knee?

One-and-a-half- and two-leg spicas are applied in the same way as the single-leg spica with the cast, on the contralateral leg, extended to the knee or ankle. Apply reinforcing slabs of casting material across the hip region of both legs. Consider the addition of a bar between the two legs to provide more stability to the cast.

What are the different types of Hip spicas?

Some patients who have undergone hip/femoral surgery may also be managed in a hip spica. There are four types of hip spicas: bilateral (both legs), unilateral (one leg), one-and-a-half and a half.

What kind of cast is used for hip surgery?

A hip spica cast, known as a ‘spica’ (pronounced “spy-ca”) is an orthopaedic plaster cast used to hold the hips and thighs in one position. It is used to aid the healing of your child’s hip surgery. The plaster cast will also cover their tummy, usually to just below their belly button, and one or both legs.

How to remove a single leg spica cast?

Single-leg spica Place a folded towel over the central abdomen, inside the tubular bandage, to create space in the cast for breathing. Bring the tail of the towel towards the neck for ease of removal. Apply a layer of cast padding, using a larger width for the body and a narrower one for the leg.