What is 64 slice CT coronary angiography?

What is 64 slice CT coronary angiography?

The 64-slice CT angiography has a high sensitivity to detect significant coronary stenoses and is reliable to exclude the presence of significant CAD in patients who present with a non-ST elevation ACS. The role of CTCA in these patients, particularly in the low-risk group, needs to be further evaluated.

What are the risks of angiography?


  • kidney damage due to the dye – this is usually temporary.
  • a heart attack or stroke.
  • damage to a blood vessel, causing internal bleeding – further surgery may be needed to repair the damage.
  • a serious allergic reaction to the dye (anaphylaxis), causing dizziness, breathing difficulties or loss of consciousness.

    How old is my father in angiography report?

    • good morning, Experts my father is 80 years old,in yesterdays angiography report there are two blockage founds so doctors suggest us for angioplasty i have confusion whether age is issue for angioplasty. • Hello.

    How old is my father when he has angioplasty?

    • My Father is 68 years old he is diabetic and suffering from severe LV systolic dysfunction (stage III) LVEF (20%). He is on Medication now some 2 arteries have 80-90 % blockage need advice • Bob – Your mother’s cardiologist is doing what’s called a “staged procedure.”

    Why does mother 92 have critical limb ischemia?

    • Mother 92 has critical limb ischemia due to blockages in her leg. Mom definitely doesn’t want to lose her leg. Want to get stents put in 3 places on her leg.

    Is the accuracy of CT angiography a concern?

    Although the most important concern regarding the routine use of CT pulmonary angiography remains its accuracy at the subsegmental pulmonary arterial level, the significance of subsegmental PE continues to be controversial (, 7,, 8 ).

    Can a 80 year old take an angiogram test?

    Although no guidelines are available that people over 80 years cannot participate actively in an angiogram test, the invasive test in several cases helps in determine the exact result in the patients and prevent unwanted ailments with strategic planning.

    Can a 64-slice CT scanner shine in cardiac studies?

    If a 64-slice CT is in your budget, there’s great potential for it to shine in your cardiac studies. If you have more questions about CTs, we’d love to help you learn about new 64-slice scanners, refurbished 64-slice scanners, service support, and replacement parts. Give us a call or contact us with a comment below.

    Can a negative 64 slice CT be used?

    Negative 64-slice CT reliably excluded significant coronary disease. However, the data suggest that stenoses shown on 64-slice CT require confirmation. Combining the results of 64-slice CT with a pre-CT clinical probability assessment would strengthen the diagnosis.

    Why was a 94 year old schoolteacher sent for angioplasty?

    According to a specialist, he sent a schoolteacher, aged 94 for angioplasty last year after carrying out the angiogram. The reason for it was that she has no other side effects, living an active lifestyle and still traveling.