What happens to your body when you have dizziness?

What happens to your body when you have dizziness?

You may have trouble walking or standing, and you may lose your balance and fall. Although dizziness can occur in people of any age, it is more common among older adults. A fear of dizziness can cause older adults to limit their physical and social activities. Dizziness can also lead to falls and other injuries.

What to do if you feel dizzy for no reason?

This page explains what you should do if you feel dizzy for no apparent reason, and outlines the most common causes. See your GP if you’re feeling lightheaded or off balance and you’re worried, particularly if you also have other symptoms, such as fainting episodes or headaches.

Why do I get dizziness when I’m lying down?

Dizziness that happens when you’re lying down is usually caused by a viral ear infection, which can’t be treated with antibiotics. It’s a good idea to keep a diary of your dizziness, recording when and where you experience the problem, and take it with you to your GP appointment. It’s helpful to note:

Where can I find a list of dizziness symptoms?

A good place to start is our Patient Toolkit. More current and complete information can be found in our Educational Resources Library. It can be used to describe the feeling we get when we stand up quickly and feel unbalanced, that unstable feeling of movement when we are standing still or the feeling just before passing out.

Why am I getting dizzy and falling?

Causes of dizziness include heart diseases (heart attack), blood pressure problems, brain diseases or conditions (stroke, dementia, and migraines), medications (blood pressure and pain medications, and antibiotics), metabolic disorders (hypoglycemia and dehydration), aging, psychiatric conditions (anxiety, stress, and depression) pregnancy, and.

What causes loss of balance without dizziness?

It may be due to infection or nerve problems. Balance issues without dizziness may be due to low blood pressure, anxiety, nerve problems and heart issues. It is important to see your doctor to investigate the problem.

What causes sudden episodes of falling down?

Falling down or falling over may be a sign of something serious. Causes may include: Injury or Trauma. An injury or trauma can include a cut, bite, scrape, sprain, or similar incident to the leg or other area that makes them sore and causes weakness and pain.

What causes a sudden dizziness?

There may be several factors that cause sudden dizziness, including infection or illness, use of certain medications, and lack of adequate fluids. Heat exhaustion, which is caused by exposure to extreme temperatures while under direct sun, may also cause dizziness.