What happens to your body when you have a cough?

What happens to your body when you have a cough?

Definition. At times, coughing can be very forceful — the velocity of air from a vigorous cough can approach 500 miles an hour. Prolonged, vigorous coughing is exhausting and can cause sleeplessness, headaches, urinary incontinence and even broken ribs.

Which is worse a cold or a chesty cough?

When you have a chesty cough (wet, productive or phlegmy) your chest feels heavy and you may cough up mucus or phlegm. A chesty cough may follow a sore throat or a cold and can be worse in the morning. Coughs and colds are often caused by a virus, so antibiotics are not suitable treatment.

What’s the most common cause of a cough?

Most coughs are caused by a cold or flu. A cough is rarely a sign of something serious like lung cancer. In this video, a GP describes the most common causes of coughs and how they can be treated. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

Is it normal to have a cough for a week?

An occasional cough is normal and healthy. A cough that persists for several weeks or one that brings up discolored or bloody mucus may indicate a condition that needs medical attention. At times, coughing can be very forceful. Prolonged, vigorous coughing can irritate the lungs and cause even more coughing.

Why do I cough so hard all the time?

Medication. Some medicines can induce coughing as an undesirable side effect. For example, medicines like Zestril and Vasotec used to treat heart conditions have a component that on rare occasions can produce coughing fits. Stopping the course of medicines can put an end to the repeated coughs.

Why do people have different types of coughs?

A cough is an important defensive reflex that helps protect your body from irritants like mucus, smoke, and allergens such as dust, mold, and pollen. Coughing is a symptom of many illnesses and conditions. Sometimes, the characteristics of your cough can give you a clue to its cause.

Can a person cough so hard that they vomit?

People can vomit after coughing hard because the muscles triggered by the cough reflex are also responsible for vomiting. It is not usually something to be overly concerned about. In this article, we look at why someone might cough so hard that they vomit. We also examine the treatment options, and when to see a doctor about a bad cough.

What is the purpose of a strong cough?

The purpose of a cough is for air to force the irritant out to prevent choking or infection. Sometimes, a cough is very forceful and loud. While most coughing is not serious, a strong cough can break bones, cause bleeding, or make someone vomit.