What happens if you swallow Listerine mouthwash?

What happens if you swallow Listerine mouthwash?

If you have only swallowed a small amount of mouthwash, there is no need to panic or worry. You might not experience any side effects or you might experience a little bit of nausea and diarrhea. These symptoms will pass in a couple days. It’s important to make a goal for yourself to not swallow the mouthwash again.

Is it bad to swallow a little bit of Listerine?

Since mouthwash is not designed to be consumed, it should not be swallowed. Depending on the mouthwash, there could be some ingredients that are harmful to the body if ingested in large quantities. Accidentally swallowing a little mouthwash is generally not harmful but ingesting large amounts can be dangerous.

What happens if you swallow a tiny bit of mouthwash?

If you have swallowed a small amount of mouthwash, you don’t need to panic. There is nothing to worry about. You might experience some queasiness and have diarrhea, but that’s all. The sickness should pass within a couple days.

What happens if a child swallows Listerine?

If a child were to drink mouthwash with alcohol or other potentially toxic ingredients in large quantities, several dangerous symptoms could occur. These include nausea, trouble breathing, or dizziness. In severe cases, a child could have convulsions or go into a coma.

Can I swallow my spit after mouthwash?

After rinsing, spit it out. Don’t swallow it. Timing. Chlorhexidine should be used after brushing.

Is it bad to drink water after mouthwash?

Rinse, gargle, spit out the mouthwash and that should be enough. But don’t use water. Wait at least half an hour after brushing your teeth to drink water or consume beverages.

Is it bad to swallow Listerine mouthwash?

Its fine, relax. It is about the same danger as swallowing toothpaste. The only reason they say don’t swallow is to avoid people trying to get drunk on it (because then the other chemicals will kill you first). Rep: ? Rep: ? Need a bit of advice…i was using listerine zero mouthwash and think i must have swallowed a bit.

What happens if you swallow a dixie cup of Listerine?

I was brushing my teeth, and swishing some listering around and my toothpaste container fell and I accidently swallowed about 3/4 dixie cup of listerine. The back of the listerine container said to call poison control, but I don’t want to call if it’s unwarrented. I also saw this page: It happend about 10 minutes ago, I feel mostly fine.

What should I do if I swallowed crest mouthwash?

Seek Help. Call the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for quick, confidential help. Do not try to make the person who swallowed the mouthwash vomit it up. Instead, be sure you have information about the victim’s age, weight, and the type and amount of product swallowed.

What should I do if I vomit Listerine?

Winnar! On the plus side, when/if you vomit, it should be minty fresh. Drink some water. It is mostly ethyl alchohol with a very small concentration of other chemicals. The other chemicals, you do not want to know about, but are quite harmless in the dosages in the mouthwash.

What are the side effects of swallowing Listerine?

Listerine also has unwanted side effects when it is consumed. Drinking Listerine can cause issues with the digestive tract leading to irritation such as upset stomach and diarrhea. It can also lead to alcohol poisoning if too much is consumed.

What happens if you accidentally swallow mouthwash?

If you have accidentally swallowed a small amount of mouthwash while gargling, there is usually no need to worry. In small amounts, the risks of swallowing mouthwash are typically limited to nausea and diarrhea. These side effects should subside within a few hours of swallowing it.

What to do if I swallowed mouthwash?

If a high amount of mouthwash has been swallowed, call the poison control center or seek medical attention. Mouthwash can be used to reduce oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease, tooth infections and tooth loss. You may need immediate medical attention if you swallow a large amount of mouthwash.

Is Listerine poisonous if swallowed?

A mouthful of listerine is completely harmless, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Listerine has a high alcohol content so in large doses it can damage the liver and other organs if swallowed. But as long as you only accidentally swallowed a mouthful there is nothing at all to worry about.