What happened before the Big Bang?

What happened before the Big Bang?

It’s possible that before the Big Bang, the universe was an infinite stretch of an ultrahot, dense material, persisting in a steady state until, for some reason, the Big Bang occured. This extra-dense universe may have been governed by quantum mechanics, the physics of the extremely small scale, Carroll said.

Where did matter come from before the Big Bang?

The key assumption of this model is that just before the Big Bang, space was filled with an unstable form of energy, whose nature is not yet known. At some instant, this energy was transformed into the fundamental particles from which arose all the matter we observe today. That instant marks what we call the Big Bang.

Did space exist before the Big Bang?

There are a number of models physicists use to describe the nothingness of empty space. Einstein’s general relativity is one – it describes gravity as it relates to the geometry of the Universe’s underlying fabric. “There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the Big Bang,” he said.

What came first in the Big Bang?

Inflation came first, and its end heralded the arrival of the Big Bang.

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