What does it mean to be a top or bottom?

What does it mean to be a top or bottom?

Generally, a bottom is the receiver, a top is the giver, and vers is someone who does both. These terms, while often applied to anal sex, do apply elsewhere, and aren’t reserved for men who have sex with men. When it comes to penetrative sex, being a top or bottom often refers to who is penetrating and who is being penetrated.

What’s the difference between topping from the bottom and service top?

Topping from the bottom is a related BDSM term, meaning a person simultaneously adopts the role of bottom and dom. A service top is a person who applies sensation or control to a bottom, but does so at the bottom’s explicit instructiois.

What do you mean by top, bottom, switch?

Not to be confused with Top, bottom and versatile. The terms top, bottom, and switch are used to describe roles for the duration of a sometimes-sexual act, or may be used more broadly as a psychological, social, and sexual identity, as well as indicating one’s usual preference.

Which is more dominant, the bottom or the top?

For bottoms who are not submissive, the bottom is most often the partner who is giving instructions—the top typically tops when, and in the manner, requested by the bottom. Many distinguish top/bottom from dominant/submissive by seeing top/bottom as an expression of physical power, while dominant/submissive is an expression of psychological power.

What does occasionally mean in the Cambridge Dictionary?

OCCASIONALLY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary occasionally meaning: 1. sometimes but not often: 2. sometimes but not often: 3. not often or regularly: . Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

What does occasionally mean in the New Republic?

— Matt Ford, The New Republic, 11 June 2021 This sort of creative overlap wasn’t unusual for Ellison, who occasionally worked as a photographer himself and was steeped in the arts of his day. — New York Times, 11 June 2021

How long does it take to make occasionally?

Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally for 1 to 1-1/2 hours, or until tender. Occasionally, though, artists openly celebrate their source material. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.