What does a purple bump mean?

What does a purple bump mean?

Is your bump painful to the touch? Sebaceous cysts are usually flesh-colored or yellowish in color. The fact that your bump is purple suggests the presence of blood, a condition not usually associated with sebaceous cysts.

Why did my ingrown hair turn purple?

Three weeks is a very short time in inflammation of the skin! Following inflammation of the skin blood vessels may remain wide open for some time giving a red or blue colour.

Why do I have a purple bump on my leg?

Dermatofibromas. These round, reddish-brown or purple spots usually appear on the arms or legs and feel like hard bumps. The cause is unknown, but they sometimes appear after an injury to the area. Dermatofibromas contain scar tissue and typically aren’t harmful or painful, though they may itch or be tender to touch.

Should I be worried about a pea-sized lump?

Most lumps are normal They can: be soft or hard to touch. move around. be the size of a pea or a golf ball.

Is it a blister or a hard purple bump?

About 2 weeks ago, I woke up and noticed a hard small purple bump right in the corner of my mouth, but on the inside. It wouldn’t be in a place where I could bite it (like a blood blister in my cheek, … read more

Is there a lump in my uder arm?

There is a lump in my uder arm, what can be possible causes of it, i am not under any kind of medication, its been almost 4 weeks lump is not drying, and some kind of fluid is coming out from it, i dont even know it is lump or what. Please consult me

What do you call a hard lump in your vagina?

If it’s from the bladder, the bulge is called a cystocele or bladder prolapse. Vaginal skin tags are also referred to as vaginal polyps. According to the University of Iowa, vaginal polyps aren’t harmful and treatment is unnecessary unless they bleed or become painful.

What kind of vein is a papule or nodule?

They are typically bluish-purple in color and can present as a papule or nodule (bump). Oral varices are essentially dilated veins that develop due to loss of connective tissue tone of the vascular wall of the vien. Imagine a long ballon filled with water.