What do I say to my pregnant friend?

What do I say to my pregnant friend?

Positive Things You Can Say to a Pregnant Friend

  • Instead of telling her she’s looking ‘huge’ or ‘big’ try complimenting her bump when you see her!
  • Stop freaking her out about inductions and let her know her baby knows what it’s doing and will more than likely come when it’s ready.
  • Give her some positive encouragement!

How do I cheer up my pregnant friend?

10 Ways To Help a Pregnant Friend

  1. Visit. Who doesn’t like company?
  2. Indulge with her.
  3. Go to a doctor’s visit.
  4. Plan a “babyette” party.
  5. Be available.
  6. Send her a surprise.
  7. Defend her.
  8. Get a pedicure together.

How do you talk to someone pregnant?

Exercise discernment, and know that usually less is more.

  1. Don’t ask if they are pregnant.
  2. Don’t comment on their appearance in detail.
  3. Don’t give unsolicited advice.
  4. Don’t tell them your traumatic pregnancy or birth experience.
  5. Don’t touch their belly without permission.
  6. Don’t ask if they’ve had the baby or are in labor yet.

What can you not ask a pregnant woman?

21 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

  • “Wow, you’re so small!”
  • “Wow, you’re so big!”
  • “Was it a surprise?”
  • “Can I touch your belly?”
  • “Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?”
  • “You know, it’s really 10 months.”
  • “Well, when I was pregnant…”
  • “Have you picked out a name yet?”

What do you say to someone who is having a hard pregnancy?

Meaningful things to say to someone who has suffered a pregnancy loss:

  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “I’m sorry to hear the news.”
  • “I’m thinking of you.”
  • “I’m not sure what to say or do but I am here and I am so sorry.”
  • “Please let me know if there’s anything you need.”

What should you not say to a pregnant woman?

What should I not say to my pregnant friend?

What Not to Say to Your Pregnant Teen Friend

  • I’m your friend no matter what.
  • I will support you as you go through this.
  • I know of some people who are good at helping women in your situation. (After all, you know Choices Pregnancy Center, right?)
  • I’ll go with you to talk to your parents.

How to talk to someone who is pregnant?

How To Talk To Pregnant Women (or, everybody just relax) 1 DON’T: assume someone is pregnant, unless they actually, like, TELL YOU THEY ARE PREGNANT. 2 DON’T: talk about how huge your friend’s belly is. 3 DON’T: tell her, Wait until the baby comes! You will feel so differently about everything! 4 DON’T: tell someone how bad worrying is for…

What to say to a friend who is trying to get pregnant?

Read on for helpful things to say to someone who’s trying to get pregnant. RELATED: What is Infertility? Take the issue seriously.

How to help a friend who can’t get a baby?

From that point on, the Danbury, Conn. couple expanded their search to include children of both genders, both abroad and within the United States. Six weeks later, they met their baby boy. “I had a miscarriage (took Clomid/had multiple IUIs/used a surrogate); I’m always here if you need to talk.”

What’s the best way to talk about infertility?

“Infertility can be an uncomfortable topic, so people often try to minimize the problem when talking to friends with infertility,” says Barbara Collura, President and CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.