What classes should I take for pharmacy technician?

What classes should I take for pharmacy technician?

Coursework covers technical and practical training in the following areas:

  • Pharmacy law.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Pharmacy ethics.
  • Anatomy.
  • Healthcare systems.
  • Physiology.
  • Medical terminology.
  • Pharmaceutical calculations.

How do I train to be a pharmacy technician?


  1. Earn an associate degree in pharmacy technology, or;
  2. Complete a pharmacy technician training program accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), or;
  3. Complete a board-approved pharmacy technician training program that provides a minimum of 240 hours of training, or;

Do pharmacy techs make good money?

Here are the top 5 highest paying states for pharmacy technicians according to the BLS: California: $22.89 per hour, or $47,620 per year….Pharmacy Technician Salary By State.

State Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Salary
Arkansas $14.91 $31,010
California $22.89 $47,620
Colorado $18.76 $39,020

How long is pharmacy technician training at CVS?

120 days
CVS Health Pharmacy Technician Training Program The program is 120 days, and teaches new technicians customer service skills, the business of pharmacy, patient safety, pharmacy workflow and inventory.

Is the pharmacy technician test hard?

The PTCB exam can be tough and being prepared is the key to success. As with any other important exam, studying before the big day can make a big difference in your final score. Follow these study tips to make sure you feel confident once exam day arrives. Yes, there might be some obscure questions on the test.

Is becoming a pharmacy tech hard?

As a pharmacy technician, you will rarely be bored. While the route to becoming a pharmacy technician can be fairly easy—you only need a high school diploma and on-site experience—the road to becoming a certified pharmacy technician is worth the travel.

What should I know to become a pharmacy technician?

Common course topics for pharmacy technician associate’s programs may include: Medical terminology. Pharmaceutical calculations. Pharmacology. Medication safety.

What kind of Education do you need to become a pharmacist?

While the education requirements for becoming a pharmacist are quite extensive, becoming a pharmacy technician, or pharmacy tech, typically requires little to no postsecondary education.

Is there an online pharmacy technician certification program?

Our affordable, online training program can help you prepare for two important industry certification exams. Study anytime, anywhere, around your schedule to gain fundamental skills to begin on your path toward working in pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and more!

Can a pharmacy tech work without clinical duties?

You can work in the healthcare industry without the clinical duties. That means if you’re queasy around blood you won’t need to deal with injuries and gore. There are many different programs available to pharmacy techs. The first big decision is whether to go for a full degree or a certificate.

What classes do you need to become a pharmacy technician?

Some people go to school to become a pharmacy technician. Certification classes include courses in anatomy, chemistry, and other basic medical concepts. Certification can be useful for job seekers who want to impress potential employers with their level of education and skills.

What qualifications are needed to become a pharmacy technician?

  • and physiology.
  • Graduate from an accredited pharmacy technician training program (one year).
  • Get certified by national and regional certification bodies (timeline varies).

    What schooling is needed to get a pharmacy tech job?

    Pharmacy technicians usually need a high school diploma or equivalent and learn their duties through on-the-job training, or they may complete a postsecondary education program in pharmacy technology. Most states regulate pharmacy technicians, which is a process that may require passing an exam or completing a formal education or training program.

    What courses will you take in a pharmacy technician program?

    Anatomy and Physiology – During Pharmacy Technician School, you will take a basic anatomy and physiology course because it will be a good foundation for your future classes. In the pharmacy industry, it is important to understand how different medications affect the human body and its systems.