What causes swelling on both sides of neck above collarbone?

What causes swelling on both sides of neck above collarbone?

Have swelling on lower neck above collarbone with no pain. Cause and cure? I have swelling on both sides of my lower neck above the collarbone. No pain – swelling is not raised a lot but size is smaller than ping pong ball.

Why are my lymph nodes on both sides of my neck swollen?

On 10/23/09, I am scheduled for surgery to remove the nodules, which are in the left side of my neck, in my lymph nodes. I am swelling on both sides of my face and left side of my collarbone. I had this lump checked out last December and was told “it was just swollen lymph nodes” and was given antibiotics but that did nothing.

How big is the swelling above my collarbone?

Flash forward until last week when the swelling was humongous. It was large swelling above my collarbone about the size of a tennis ball. This kind of freaked me out and I decided to go see the doctor again.

What causes swelling in the face, neck and eyes?

The swelling in my face, neck and eyes went away however three weeks later I got the same swelling as you. My swelling is puffy, large, however not firm. Throat feels the same way as yours. I had blood work. It shows an elevated white cell count which means infection and or inflammation.

What causes soft swelling between collarbone and neck?

Injury.: If you had in injury to the shoulder, you could have a separation. Often times you will see that one side appears higher. See an orthopedic shoulder Read More i have a swelling between my collarbone and neck. t’s on left side. but it becomes apparent when i raise my left arm. ? Lymph node?: This could be an inflamed lymph node.

How big is the swelling above the collar bone?

It is puffy and swollen to the touch and not hard . It starts about 1/2 inch above the collar bone on the left side base of my neck and goes almost to the muscle of my shoulder. I would say its about a 4 inch area that is puffy, but does not hurt. I am really scared as to what this could be, because I know that area is filled with lymh nodes.

How to tell if your neck is swollen on one side?

Questions your doctor may ask about neck swelling on one side 1 If you touch the swollen area, is there pain? 2 Do food or drinks get stuck when you swallow? 3 Any fever today or during the last week? 4 Did you recently injure your neck? More

What should I do about swelling above my collarbone?

Exam: although this sounds traumatic, suggest a physical exam and blood testing. the area above my right collarbone is swollen. i cannot tell if it is a lymph node or muscle. it is like there is swelling beneath the skin.