What causes pain in the lower legs when walking?

What causes pain in the lower legs when walking?

The most common injuries that can cause pain in your lower legs include bruises and strains. A bruise happens when a blow to the body damages the underlying muscle and other tissues without breaking the skin. A strain occurs when a muscle is overused or overstretched, causing damage to the muscle fibers.

Why do I have sharp pain in my right leg?

Leg cramps occur when your muscles in your legs go into spasms and contract on their own. This may be due to overexertion, low electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium), or a problem in your lower back. They are most common at night, but can also occur after exercise. They usually go away with electrolyte replacement and rest.

Is it okay to walk when your legs hurt?

Walking hurts, so a “just do it” attitude about exercise isn’t helpful. But researchers have found that tightly structured, supervised exercise programs can help people increase the amount they can walk before the pain kicks in.

Why does one leg hurt more than the other?

In the upper leg, the pain from ischemic nerves can come on suddenly and be felt in just one leg. In the lower legs and feet, where it is more common, the symptoms are typically numbness or tingling, and are usually felt about equally in both legs. The numbness often dulls painful sensations, so sores on the feet go unnoticed and get worse.

Why do my legs get sore after walking?

Sore Leg Muscles Causes. Hyperpronation. This is a condition that grows when a patient has flat feet. This brings about heavy pressure and strain on the calf and leg muscles which will result in its tightness and soreness. It is considered as a common cause for having sore legs after heavy walking and running.

What causes upper thigh pain when walking?

Pain in the upper thigh while walking may be caused by blood clots in blood veins a condition known as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This condition can be fatal if at all it travels to vital body parties for instance heart, lungs or even brain.

Do your legs hurt after walking?

Leg pain while walking and after walking is not uncommon . It depends on duration, distance and physical conditioning. A person who is physically fit and conditioned to walk long distances may not experience pain during or after a long walk.

What causes leg cramps when walking?

Leg cramps while walking can be caused due to heat, dehydration, vitamin deficiency, muscle fatigue, extensive exercising and use of high heels.