What causes bowel movements that look like ribbon?

What causes bowel movements that look like ribbon?

What Causes Ribbon-Like Stool? What Causes Ribbon-Like Stool? Ribbon-like stools are caused by irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer and benign issues, such as a change in diet, according to About.com and Dr. Mercola.

What to do if you have flat ribbon stool?

A test called Cologuard can be taken at home if you’re worried about colon cancer or have flat ribbon stools. It works as follows: A sample of your bowel movement is sent out for analysis with state-of-the-art DNA technology that will detect abnormal cells that are suspicious for colon cancer.

What does it mean when you have flat bowel movements?

Often times, flat, ribbon-like stools are another way of describing thin and narrow, stringy or pencil-like bowel movements – also atypical in appearance. Plenty of people have likely experienced flat, ribbon stools once or even a few times during their lifetime.

Can a benign polyp cause flat ribbon stool?

Flat Ribbon Stool Causes other than Colon Cancer. Yes, a benign polyp can cause flat ribbon stools by partially blocking the anal exit that BMs would go through, causing the feces to take on this peculiar formation.

What causes pebble like bowel movements?

Some cause pebble poop bowel movements by reducing the amount of water in your body or stool . Medications that can cause pebble poop bowel movements include: Dehydration can be a significant contributing factor to pebble poop bowel movements because your body may not have enough water to help soften stool.

What causes ribbon shaped stools?

Gastrointestinal infections . Bacterial or viral gastroenteritis or any kind of gastrointestinal infection is likely to cause loose, watery stools and diarrhea, sometimes with the presence of blood. In some people, the infection can cause thin, flat, pencil or ribbon-like stools.

What is thin ribbon like stool?

Change in stool shape: Thin or narrow stools, often described as ribbon- or pencil-like, may also be a sign of colon cancer . In an otherwise healthy person, thin stools may be caused by a narrowing of the colon, also called a partial blockage of the colon due to colon cancer.

What causes large diameter bowel movements?

The size of your stools has more to do with how well you digest your foods than how much you eat. Some types of foods produce larger stools because they don’t break down completely. Some gastrointestinal disorders also cause poor food breakdown and absorption, which leads to large, bulky stools.