What babysitting supplies do I need?

What babysitting supplies do I need?

What to include in your babysitter kit:

  • simple first aid kit with bandaids, cleaning wipes, safety pins, and tweezers.
  • Babysitter Checklist in plastic sleeve and dry erase marker.
  • board games that are age appropriate for the kids.
  • puzzles that are age appropriate for the kids.
  • books.
  • craft supplies or craft kits.

What should I have in my babysitting binder?

  • Your Babysitter’s Manual. The first thing you want to include in your babysitter binder is your babysitter’s manual.
  • A Copy Of Your Qualifications.
  • Your “All About Me” Page.
  • Important Information Page.
  • Post It Notes.
  • Family-Specific Information.
  • A Mini First Aid Kit.
  • Your Wallet.

What are 3 things you should do while babysitting?

Whether it’s your first time watching a child or you’ve been babysitting for years, here are 11 tips for how to be a good babysitter.

  • Understand your comfort level.
  • Keep an open line of communication.
  • Be prepared for everything.
  • Be well-informed.
  • Be organized.
  • Be active and have fun.
  • Reinforce rules and limits.
  • Be watchful.

What are 3 things not to do while babysitting?

12 things you should never do while babysitting

  • Don’t take the kids out of the home without permission.
  • Don’t take or post photos of the kids.
  • Don’t be on your phone.
  • Don’t smoke, drink or do drugs.
  • Don’t make the family’s business public.
  • Don’t watch inappropriate shows or videos.

How can I make babysitting more fun?

Here are our top 10 go-to ideas:

  1. Scavenger hunt with toys.
  2. Setup an obstacle course.
  3. Read a book upside down!
  4. Make paper planes and decorate them with markers.
  5. Organize a tea party or picnic.
  6. Do a magic show and make things disapear.
  7. Play balloon tennis.
  8. Build a cubby house.

What do you do first time babysitting?

8 important tips for your first time babysitting

  1. Reflect on the past. Can you remember being a child and having a babysitter?
  2. Be organised and create a schedule.
  3. Wear practical clothing.
  4. Listen to the rules and instructions.
  5. Plan emergency procedures.
  6. Eat healthy food and stay hydrated.
  7. Pack supplies.
  8. Keep your cool.

What questions should a babysitter ask the parent?

Questions babysitters should ask parents:

  • Have you had a babysitter before?
  • What kind of snacks are the children allowed to have?
  • Who do I contact In an emergency?
  • What kind of games do your children like to play?
  • Do you have a first aid kit?
  • What other tasks do you expect of me?
  • Do the children have any chores?

What are the do’s and don’ts of babysitting?

Babysitting Don’ts Try to use the phone only for emergencies. DON’T try to babysit too many children at once. It may seem like a good way to make extra cash, but you need to know how many kids you can handle. DON’T ever leave children alone, and check on them often once they’ve gone to bed.

What are the risks of babysitting?

20 Risks Parents Are Taking When They Hire A Babysitter

  1. 1 Leaving The Doors And Windows Unlocked.
  2. 2 Opening The Door To Every Stranger That Knocks.
  3. 3 They Don’t Know How To Handle A Severe Allergy Attack.
  4. 4 They’re On Their Devices All Day Instead Of Watching The Kids.
  5. 5 Taking Kids Out For High-Risk Activities.

How do I make my babysitting not boring?

Babysitting A Baby Is Boring!

  1. Cuddle up with a good book: It could be a kiddie book and you can read in a nice, quiet voice to the little bundle and enjoy a nice cuddle.
  2. Watch TV together and chat about what you see.
  3. Have a gentle massage.
  4. Count fingers and toes and get their hands moving.

How can I make my babysitting less boring?

Use distraction to stop their negative actions and bring things back to being fun again. Encourage them to go to bed on time. Read bedtime stories. If you babysit the child when they go to bed, read them a story and make them a small snack like toast or a banana.

What should I bring to a babysitting job?

Here are the top 10 things to bring on a babysitting job: Portable First Aid Kit. Kids Games, Puzzles, or Books. Basic Craft Supplies. Hand Sanitizer. Notebook and Pen. Tissues and Wet Wipes. Emergency Contact List. Your Cell Phone.

Why do you need to make a babysitting kit?

Creating a babysitting kit is not complicated. It helps both, the children being babysat, the parents of those kids, and the babysitter. It helps create better safety as the kids are likely being more closely supervised during those babysitting games .

Do you need to fill out a babysitting form?

These forms make it super easy to capture important information from the families you work for. When arriving at a babysitting job, ask the parents to fill out their details in this handy form so all their contact information, plus important details about the children, is in one place.

What can I print for free as a babysitter?

Download the Kidsit Find-a-word activity book and bring print-outs to your babysitting jobs to help entertain the children in your care. You can print as many copies as you like for free! Each page has a different fun theme such as, wild animals, magic, sports, space, games, and more!