What are the ways of critical thinking?

What are the ways of critical thinking?

The skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are varied and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making.

What are three characteristics of critical thinking?

Strong critical thinkers demonstrate the following characteristics:inquisitiveness with regard to a wide range of issues.concern to become and remain well-informed.attentive to opportunities to use critical thinking.self-confidence in one’s own abilities to reason.open-mindedness regarding divergent world views.

How do you solve critical thinking questions?

Strategy to handle CR questions:Break the CR passage into parts. If you are having difficulty in understanding the passage, break the passage into various parts. Beware of answer choices, which are contradictory to the main idea given in the question. Re-phrase passages into simpler words. Understand what is being asked.