What are the causes of smoking habit among teenagers?

What are the causes of smoking habit among teenagers?

1. To judge the acceptance and analyze the factors those attract and make acceptance of smoking within teenagers. 2. To unleash the factors that imply the psychological influence or creating an urge in teenagers to adopt smoking habits 3. To measure the effects of social networking influence and inspiration in smoking. ijcrb.webs.com

What are the factors that influence people to smoke?

Young people tend to imitate their parents behavior. In addition to the notion that smoking is an acceptable behavior, children often see smoking as grown-up behavior, which further encourages them to smoke. Children from families where smoking is prevalent tend to develop the habit and are less likely to quit later in life.

Is it true that teen smoking is on the rise?

Now, entire towns ban smoking, and few public facilities allow smoking on the grounds. Unfortunately, some of these gains in smoking have left teens behind. Teen smoking is on the rise. Each day, almost 3,900 people younger than 18 smoke for the first time.

Why do teenagers smoke in front of their parents?

If you are a parent and your child is constantly watching you smoke, expecting him not to is unrealistic. You will need to either limit smoking in front of your children or quit it altogether. They prefer doing what the adults do. They think it to be part of life experience. 2. To fit in the crowd and be fashionable

Why do teens smoke do drugs or drink?

They either take drugs or alcohol and smoking is also a way out for them to escape from harsh realities of life . Teenagers often smoke to silence their own battles within, especially if they have been leading emotionally disturbed family life.

What are reasons teens smoke?

The reason why teens smoke is because they see their parents or their friends doing it. Teen smoking is very unhealthy it causes many issues to their body. Most teens that smoke either has been peer pressured, or raised around people who been smoking their whole life now its influencing teens to smoke also.

What percent of teens smoke?

About 90% of all smokers started as teen smokers. 90% of the above 440,000 is 396,000 teen smokers. 396,000 smokers who started as teens die each year from smoking related diseases Each day 3,800 children under the age of 18 try smoking for the first time. Of those, 2,100 youth will keep smoking.

Why would a teenager smoke a cigarette?

There are three main reasons why teens start smoking which is boredom, lose the weight and as a response to the stress of school and family life. Just like the teens like to act as if they are someone special or dangerous. By smoking they can act on those feelings. Because it is so forbidden it becomes more alluring to teens.